Pizza Express, Inverness

Pizza Express

What makes you choose Pizza Express over any of the many other fairly similar eateries of this type around?

River House Restaurant, Inverness

E. Tup

Published: Thu 25 Sep 2014

River House Restaurant

Arriving at The River House would normally entail a stroll across the worryingly bouncy footbridge over the Ness, enjoying the splendid mid-river views of the city afforded from the crossing.

Lochain Bar, Glenmore

E. Tup

Published: Fri 29 Aug 2014

Lochain Bar

We escaped the madness that is Thunder in the Glens weekend in Aviemore and headed up to Glenmore for some fresh air and a wee stroll around Loch Morlich.

One Pot Borrowed, Inverdruie

E. Tup

Published: Thu 31 Jul 2014

One Pot Borrowed

A visit to One Pot Borrowed will rekindle some fond - and some not so fond memories - for diners of a particular vintage who are native to the Aviemore area!

The Wild Flour, Newtonmore

E. Tup

Published: Fri 04 Jul 2014

The Wild Flour

Reynard and I ventured down to The Wild Flour on Newtonmore's Main Street for our latest outing - after I finally managed to drag himself away from in front of the TV, where he has been stationed for most of the past month watching the World Cup.

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