Mumfords' Stopover adds new acts

Published: Mon 27 Jul 2015

Mumford & Sons

A brand-new group of acts have just been announced as joining Mumford & Sons' Gentlemen Of The Road tour to Aviemore this weekend.

Mercedes endorsed orchestra hit the road

Published: Mon 27 Jul 2015

The Chamber Philharmonia of Cologne perform works by some of the best loved classical composers in Inverness this week.

FITTINGLY for an orchestra supported by German car-maker Mercedes-Benz, Kammer Philharmonie Kln (Chamber Philharmonia of Cologne) like heading out on the road.

REVIEW: Elsa Jean McTaggart

Published: Fri 24 Jul 2015

Her performance will include the Mercenery Fiddler set

Elsa Jean McTaggart Mad Hatters, Inverness * * * * by Margaret Chrystall SO effortlessly did ELSA JEAN McTAGGART win over Thursday's roomful of Hootanannys visitors, she deserves to be crowned a one-woman

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