REVIEW: The Beach Boys

Mike Love ... 'surfin' on top of the world' with footage from the early days. Picture: John Baikie

IF you're going to make a gig a legend, start with Saturday's Inverness Leisure crowd arriving to the music of California Girls being soundchecked by The Beach Boy themselves.

US TV face John joins Beach Boys

Published: Fri 26 May 2017

The Beach Boys

LEGENDARY '60s group The Beach Boys will bring good vibrations to Inverness Leisure Centre on Saturday - and American actor and musician John Stamos is along for the ride.

Bella adds Temple of Dub

Published: Thu 25 May 2017

Temple of Dub line-up revealed.

BELLADRUM Tartan Heart Festival and Electrika's sound system have hooked up to launch new stage The Temple Of Dub.

REVIEW: Matt Andersen

Published: Tue 23 May 2017

Matt Andersen

OUT of the darkness of the little upstairs venue on Saturday, one man and his guitar settled onto the stage and gave a masterclass in what a perfect gig can look like.

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