John Lewis is on the road to the top

Published: Fri 17 Feb 2017

John Lewis with his guitar, heading your way.

A PUNK festival's not exactly the first place you'd expect to see John Lewis - "the real" one according to his website, and peddler of Americana - perform.

QnA: Catholic Action

Published: Fri 17 Feb 2017

From left Andrew Macpherson, Jamie Dubber, Chris McRory and Ryan Clark.

GLASGOW'S rising indie band Catholic Action come to the Tooth and Claw on Thursday, February 23.

REVIEW: Ralia/The Oxides

Published: Thu 16 Feb 2017

The Oxides

"Let's hit the bar as soon as the last note is struck - see you there!" Oxides frontman Jake Bolt told the Raigmore Motel crowd before Saturday's last song of the night.

It can only Be Charlotte

Published: Wed 15 Feb 2017

Charlotte Brimner of Be Charlotte.

INVERNESS has played an important part in the rise and rise of Be Charlotte's Charlotte Brimner.

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