REVIEW: Sunset Song

Sunset Song Eden Court * * * * by Margaret Chrystall Sell A Door Theatre Company almost had you at 'Hello' with their production of Sunset Song - in an opening moment where Rebecca Elise expressed

Car crash created Camille's career

Published: Fri 31 Oct 2014

Camille O'Sullivan. Picture: Sean Andy Vette

THE kind of twist of fate that can change lives means stage star Camille O'Sullivan's name is up in lights rather than adding to Irish architectural skylines.

Rebecca lifts the veil on spooky world of Female Gothic

Published: Fri 31 Oct 2014

Rebecca Vaughan in Female Gothic.

HALLOWEEN is the perfect season for Female Gothic - Rebecca Vaughan's latest show celebrating spooky tales written by just three of the many women who flooded the huge Victorian market for dark tales.

Review: Never Land

Published: Thu 30 Oct 2014

Peanut (Fiona MacNeil) and The Man (Benny Young) meet in Morna Young's 'Never Land'. Photo: Alison White.

THE latest drama production from Eden Court shows a commendable dedication to north talent, written by Moray playwright Morna Young and featuring young actors from across the region.

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