REVIEW: The Sky Is Safe

Published: Thu 21 Sep 2017

Dana fire

IT'S maybe too easy for us in the West to keep the horror and confusion of the situation in Syria at arms-length when it's distant news from a faraway land...

REVIEW: The Seer

Published: Thu 07 Sep 2017

The Seer CD

LIKE The Brahan Seer's circular adder stone which helped him foretell the future, the circle of musical life fostered by Feis Rois was there for all to see at Blas's Lauren MacColl's album launch on Tuesday.

50s-mad Natalie had to say yes to Rip It Up

Published: Thu 31 Aug 2017

Rip it up 1

by Margaret Chrystall FORMER Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Natalie Lowe said no the first second she was asked to join Rip It Up, the 50s dance celebration show coming to Eden Court on Tuesday, , September 5.

On stage

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