Published: 22/11/2015 08:01 - Updated: 01/12/2015 19:54

REVIEW: Life Hacks by Dan Marshall


Softback £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-84953-644-8

IF you've ever accidentally used your thumb as a hammer cushion while hanging a picture or wondered about some of the intriguing potential uses of toilet roll tubes, read on...

This little 190-page volume brings together 130 "hacks" designed to make life a little easier.

We hear a lot about computer hackers, most of it bad and some of it downright scary. And anyone who has played Sunday league football will be aware of the dreaded hacker on the field of play.

The author is a hacker of a different kind altogether. A "life hack" is essentially a little tip - often centred around the ingenious use of an everyday object to do something entirely unconnected with its principal purpose - to ease a common task.

Had it, for example, ever occurred to you to pop a few ice cubes in to a spin dry cycle in your washing machine?  Well, apparently it's the cure for wrinkled T-shirts. Life's too short for heavy duty ironing, right?  

Marshall helpfully includes little hand-drawn illustrations to accompany his text, often written fairly tongue in cheek.

So under Cleaning you'll find 'Crayon remove', 'Nook-and-cranny vacuum' and 'Miracle shower head cleaner'.

There's an electronics section lifting the lid on how to find a bonus USB charging point and how to boost the charge of your mobile phone (dead simple, as it happens).

Many are very useful and apparent no-brainers (it's just that you never actually thought of them). Others may have no immediate application to your life but are so darned clever that you might want to try them anyway.

So from extending the shelf life of your potatoes to a toilet roll loudspeaker (I kid you not!).

It's one of those hugely browsable books which will have you flipping the pages and making mental notes to try all manner of quirky little tips.

Happy hacking!

Hector Mackenzie

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