Published: 28/11/2015 18:02 - Updated: 29/11/2015 22:05

REVIEW: Test Your Cat 2

Is your car a genius?
Is your car a genius?

by Simon Holland

Illustrations by Erica Salcedo Saiz


£4.99 (Paperback)

"'AT last,' thought the cats. "Our days of foraging and fending for ourselves are over. We've finally found a species gullible enough to do it all for us."

But has the domestic cat now got it too easy? Have they become complacent?

That's the tongue-in-cheek premise to this follow-up to a bestseller aimed at the doting car owner. The question posed is: "Is your cat a genius?"

Subtitled "The Advanced Cat IQ Test", the illustrated little 124-page book invites proud pet owners to give their cats a personality profile by answering a series of questions and setting assorted tests.

By the end of the book, you'll know whether or not you spare house space with the sort of cat who plays you like a violin, can express itself artistically or is capable of smooth-talking its way into any neighbourhood cat flat.

You may, on the other hand, find out that your moggy disproves the theory that cats always land on their feet.

Sure to raise at least a wry smile with the hard core animal lover.

Hector Mackenzie


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