Published: 15/09/2015 16:19 - Updated: 18/09/2015 16:27

Review: The Adventure Game by Keith Partridge


The Adventure Game: A Cameraman’s Tales From Films At The Edge

Keith Partridge

Sandstone Press hardback £24.99

KEITH Partridge has a good eye for an image.

That, after all, is his job as one of the world’s most in demand adventure cameraman, but this book, published by Dingwall’s Sandstone Press, shows that applies to still as well as moving images drawn from literally every continent and from the highest point on earth to caverns deep below its surface.

Taking advantages of changes in technology and his own passion for the high and wild places of the world, this is Partridge’s story of how he gave up a safe and secure career to pursue his dreams of adventure behind the world.

It is a story that is not without its sacrifices and risks and takes the reader behind the scenes of the many films and television programmes Partridge has worked on over the past couple of decades, among them Touching The Void, Human Planet, The Lost Land of… series and even Aliens vs Predator.

Sandstone has done him proud with a beautifully produced volume that gives equal weight to text and images and will satisfy the armchair adventurer and inspire the more active — the folk not unlike Keith himself, who signs off with the upbeat thought: "There’s no point in being part of an adventure film team if you don’t have an adventure yourself!"


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