Published: 09/03/2016 10:18 - Updated: 08/03/2016 11:13

Rosemarkie resident Michaela turns author to spread the good word

Michaela Turner
Michaela Turner

A FORMER social worker and counsellor has turned author to spread a message of hope for children and their parents.

"I had an interest in writing a book to help others, but never imagined it would be in the form of a book for children," Michaela Turner said.

The Rosemarkie author says she was inspired by a dream to write Fergus Comes to Earth, which draws on her background in child protection, spiritual beliefs and new findings in science.

Turner left school with no qualifications and little confidence academically, but after studying with the Open University she began working within children’s homes and then a residential school for boys with emotional and behavioural problems.

That led to her becoming a support worker, supporting children and families in the community, and then latter working as a children and families social worker and specialist in child protection.

Although she left her job for health reasons in 2010, Turner says she remains passionate about helping children and young people to be all they are meant to be, and this was a key motivation behind writing the book.

Fergus is a young spirit who, with the help of his mentor Abraham, has a mission to help children find the special gifts they already possess and learn the lesson that life really can be beautiful.

At the same time, Kate, a young woman who has moved to Scotland with her boyfriend, struggles with illness and other challenges and could do with the intervention of a guardian angel.

"While this is a story book for children, it is filled with messages for both children and parents," Turner said.

"It touches on subjects such as death, and addiction. It is time that the secrecy of abuse and addiction within families should be brought out in the open.

"There are so many children suffering in homes, which children feel too ashamed to talk about. The damage that shame and fear does to our bodies can leave them in trauma and damage their future health."

Fergus Comes to Earth by Michaela Turner is published by Balboa Press.

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