Published: 20/12/2015 07:42 - Updated: 20/12/2015 08:01

THE TIGER PROWLS: A pop-up book of wild animals


The Tiger Prowls: pop-up magic for the toddler
The Tiger Prowls: pop-up magic for the toddler

by Seb Braun

Simon and Schuster

£9.99 hardback

CAST your mind back to the first pop-up book you ever got your hands on.

It tends to be a special moment in any toddler's life - the thrill of the three-dimensional long before it was appropriated as a money-spinning way to bump up cinema ticket prices.

And no need for stupid cardboardy glasses to enjoy it.

Seb Braun's simple, elegant hardback book seems destined to be one such volume, a page-turning delight that throws the spotlight on five animals.

We start with the tiger which appears quizzically as if by magic as the page is turned, a fairly robust cardboard creation crunching along the forest floor.

King of the ocean, the whale emerges from the deep blue of the next page: "Big as a bus, graceful as a dancer, ancient wisdom in his blac k beady eye."

We're then introduced in turn to bear, elephant and elegant giraffe.

Simple, understated and classy, it's the sort of book you can imagine your toddler going back to time and again.

Chances are you'll also find yourself turning to it in the odd wistful moment. It's the sort of book you didn't think was made anymore. And for creative types, it might just serve as a springboard for some crafty fun somewhere down the line as they seek to make their own pop-ups.

Hector Mackenzie


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