Published: 24/07/2017 09:00 - Updated: 24/07/2017 12:59

Highland Wildlife Park

Highland Wildlife ParkThe award-winning RZSS Highland Wildlife Park is Scotland's best animal adventure!

Visitors can get closer to nature in the raw and authentic setting of the Cairngorms National Park surrounded by some of the world's rarest animals. Become immersed in the naturalistic surroundings of the park while looking out for some of its most famous residents, including snow leopards, a pack of European grey wolfs and Scotland's only polar bears.

These amazing, close-up animal encounters, together with talk programmes and animal feeds hosted by the park's expert keepers, give our visitors the opportunity to engage with the world of animals in a completely unique way. From amazing Amur tigers to playful polar bears, the site cares for many threatened species and provides a visitor experience like no other.

There are some new arrivals at the park, and as the summer sun arrived so have many little cubs, kits and kittens. Why not explore Wolf Wood on your visit and look out for one of eight new-born wolf pups as they start to venture from their den, become bolder and explore their surroundings.

Highland Wildlife ParkThese are not the only youngsters that have arrived this year; the Highland Wildlife Park has also welcomed twin red panda kits, a litter of lynx kittens, a very rare Przewalski's horse foal and Scottish wildcat kittens – even more adorable reasons for you to visit the park this summer.

Brand new for 2017, RZSS Highland Wildlife Park has opened a new polar bear-themed play-park for kids to explore. With a slide, buddy board and lots of new play equipment, parents can keep a watchful eye on their own little ones from the Polar Bear Kiosk. This new attraction encourages children to get involved in conservation in an engaging and fun way.

Visit and keep up to date with the newest residents, be one of the first to play in the new polar bear park and enjoy a great day out in the beautiful setting of the Cairngorms.

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