Published: 01/12/2014 09:00 - Updated: 25/11/2014 11:05

Event Of The Week: Aladdin

Written byEvent of the week!

Aladdin artwork
Aladdin - "Oh no it isn-" Yes it is, alright? There's no argument about this. Our event pick. Is. Aladdin.

When: From Tuesday December 2nd

Where: Eden Court, Inverness

Why: It wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional family panto and Imagine Theatre's enormously talented cast will have you dancing, singing, cheering and most importantly, laughing your (novelty) socks off! Around 30,000 people come to panto at Eden Court each year and some travel by boat, train and bus just to get here and have a good time. With that level of audience commitment we need to make sure everyone leaves with a giant smile on their face and indeed they do – this year promises to see that giant smile stretch even further than ever before!

For more information about showtimes and prices, click here.

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