Published: 27/10/2014 09:00 - Updated: 21/10/2014 12:28

Event Of The Week: Homecoming Halloween

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Halloween at Ness Islands
Halloween at Ness Islands - now with MORE spooky lighting

When: Thursday 30th – Friday 31st October

Where: Ness Islands, Inverness

Why: Organised by Arts in Motion, Eden Court Creative and the Highland Council’s Lighting Department, this year’s show will feature an assortment of ghostly visitors the likes of which Inverness has never seen before. The reason for the spookiness reaching new heights is simple. As soon as the Highland Homecoming Festival was announced Tam O' Shanter decided that Ness Islands deserved its own Homecoming Festival, and before anyone could stop him he invited every Scottish ghost that has visited Ness Islands in the past 200 years to meet him for some unforgettable ghostly fun. With ghosts, ghouls, aliens, pirates, vampires and surprises lurking around every corner or standing quietly behind you in the darkness; you may wish to take a friend who doesn’t scream too loudly and has no chance of running as fast as you can.

Basically, it'll be like this.

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