Published: 11/08/2014 09:00 - Updated: 05/08/2014 12:01

Event Of The Week: Willie Campbell

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Willie Campbell
Willie Campbell

Where: The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

When: Wednesday August 13th

Why: Willie started working with veteran Gaelic folk rock musician Calum Martin. A generation apart, the pair bonded over a love of Gaelic psalm singing, melodic 60s pop and oddly enough Nashville Americana.Willie re-embraced the Gaelic language that he had rejected in his teens and under Calum’s tutelage produced an album of original Gaelic songs. The lyrics are unflinching in their honesty – expressing a deep sense of loss experienced before the turning point that offered Willie the chance to start again. The music in Dalma spans the highs and lows of this journey with a collection of melodies that are as beautiful, varied and inspiring as a Lewis skyline. The result of this creative partnership takes the Gaelic song tradition in exciting and uplifting new directions.

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