Published: 23/07/2015 11:43 - Updated: 23/07/2015 16:23

Event of the week: Thuture with Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta, guest of the first Thuture night at Vinyl.
Denis Sulta, guest of the first Thuture night at Vinyl.


by Margaret Chrystall

IT’S back to the Thuture for two Inverness DJs next week as they revive their monthly underground club night with Glasgow breakthrough artist Denis Sulta – at a slightly unexpected location.

The men behind Thuture – which started last year at Mad Hatters – Mark Mackenzie and Cisco Rodrigues, better-known as Alottarhythmman, return next Thursday (July 30) at nightclub Vinyl.

Mark explained the move: "We felt Mad Hatters was looking for something different from what we were looking for from the night.

"So we started looking around for another venue that would truly represent what we felt we wanted the night to be.

"We’d even looked down south and we got some offers to go to other places, like Aberdeen and Glasgow.

"But when we got right down to why we started the night, it wasn’t so me and Cisco could go down south, it was about pushing things forward in Inverness.

"So we were searching for a venue that was going to be a little bit different, maybe a little bit out there – an abandoned building even.

"But we came across a lot of red tape and things that would mean it would be a total nightmare to organise, so we started looking at existing venues where we thought we might be able to stamp our own image.



"When I had looked at the space in Vinyl, it’s perfect for what we are after. It’s got a low ceiling and the perfect size for the numbers we will be bringing in. You want the place to feel intimate.

"And when we spoke to Vinyl, they were very open to what we wanted, so we could make the place look different and bring in our own sound system."

Mark said: "To take an underground house night in there and have all Vinyl’s disco floor tiles flashing would take away the feel of what Thuture is.

"But Vinyl were happy to work with us on the décor and switch off the disco floor lights to create a dark techno and house atmosphere. We’re also bringing in banners, backdrops and visuals – and even down to knowing we’ve great door staff who know how to treat people right, is important, because some people feel dance music’s given a bad label in the city."

The duo are also proud to have booked Denis Sulta.

"He’s just been on at the Boiler Room. We want to bring up acts that are on the edge of breaking through massively. When Thuture brought up Barrientos he was on Radio 1 the same night."

Denis Sulta

Glasgow rising star Denis Sulta (aka HeckterBarbour) follows last year’s Sulta Selects Vol 1 on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label with new EP LA Ruffgarden (Terrace Mix), including tracks Duh Yuh Luv Meh and She Makes Me Feel Like I Never Sinned. As well as scoring it 8 out of 10, Mixmag made it July’s tune of the month. And on Tuesday, Denis headlined the Boiler Room night from Glasgow, seen by thousands across the channel’s online dance community. (see the live loop below)

"Denis represents what Thuture is about because he’s a new sound that everyone can enjoy no matter what you’re into.

"Cisco and me are both big fans of his music and use it in our own sets. So as soon as we knew he was available we jumped at the chance to book him.

"We’re really passionate about getting people to hear new artists and giving new artists a chance.

"I think people are quite happy hopefully that we are there to take the risks and push someone forward."

Thuture with Denisi Sulta and residents Mark Mackenzie and Alottarhythmman next Thursday (July 30) from 10pm to 3am at Vinyl, Inverness.


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