Published: 08/02/2016 14:19 - Updated: 05/02/2016 14:30

Event of the week: True life drama

Mathew Zajac in 'The Tailor of Inverness'.
Mathew Zajac in 'The Tailor of Inverness'.

WHEN Inverness actor Matthew Zajac decided to explore his father’s journey from occupied Poland to Inverness, via the internment camps of Stalin’s Soviet Union and the battlefields of Italy, what he found surprised him and told a completely new story about his family.

Zajac’s findings formed the basis of The Tailor of Inverness, his multi-award winning play in which he portrays his father and himself. The show has gone on to be performed around the world, including the Zajacs’ ancestral homelands in Poland and Ukraine, and inspired a book of the same name.

Always a hit when it returns to Eden Court, Zajac brings The Tailor home for three performances, including a Saturday matinee, from Friday February 12.

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