Published: 05/08/2014 13:55 - Updated: 05/08/2014 14:18

Highland fashion for Highland festival lacks raingear; surely tempting fate

Written byWhat's On Black Isle

Oscar North
Oscar North - dedicated followers of fashion rejoice! Now you can enjoy clothes AND beer at this year's Jocktoberfest.

In a big boost for local fashion, Highland brand Oscar North will be enjoying its first festival stall at Jocktoberfest.

The Oscar North Clothing Company, founded in December 2013 by Ruairidh Duncan, is a small business that describes itself as "purely inspired by the music and arts that Inverness and the Highlands provide every day," which is nice.

Although we notice that few, if indeed any, of their items appear directly inspired by the song "Clown Puncher" by Seed Of Sorrow. Get it sorted, Oscar North!

What's On North, being the professional journalism types that we are, had a cheeky look at their website. We were both surprised and faintly amused by the fact that, despite being a Highland-based fashion designer, Oscar North don't have any rainy-gear for sale.

We can only hope that this doesn't tempt the wrath of an angry, festival-hating rain God to bring muddy vengeance down on the Black Isle Brewery during the Jocktoberfest weekend (5 - 6 September).

For more information about Oscar North - or for contact details that you can use to voice your concern/disgust at the lack of Seed Of Sorrow-inspired beanie hats - go to

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