Published: 30/04/2014 13:00 - Updated: 30/04/2014 13:34

WON's website goblin chosen to pick bands for local festival

Written byKyle Walker

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker - this man will choose who you listen to at this year's Jocktoberfest. Cower, brief mortals.

What's On North's website goblin has been invited to help judge band entries for a local festival – despite having an abject taste in music.

Kyle Walker – who counts the likes of Aqua, Scooter and Boney M among the bands he has willingly added to his MP3 player – will be entrusted with aiding in the selection of quality music for the Black Isle Brewery's Jocktoberfest for reasons unknown.

Last year's festival saw a great selection of musicians delight festival-goers, including Dorec-a-Belle, Casual Sex and Dylan Tierney.

In addition, some great beers were on sale from the Black Isle Brewery for ale lovers, including a specially crafted twists on old favourites such as “Black And Tan”.

This year's festival will be bigger and better, with 2010 Management's Steve Robertson curating the music. Other judges include What's On North's friends at netsounds unsigned, Eagle Bar promoter Stuart Thain and North Highland Radio presenter Gavin Macgregor. As long as Kyle's influence is minimal, it should therefore prove to be excellent.

When asked for comment, our website goblin simply cackled, drunk on his own egotistical power, before returning to his computer cave to search for Scooter's management company.

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