Published: 02/10/2014 11:27 - Updated: 02/10/2014 12:40

600-mile trip to Tain for Windsor band

Band members will come to Tain for film screening.
Band members will come to Tain for film screening.


by Margaret Chrystall

FOUR of the band featured in a short film screening at Tain's Fling! Film Festival this weekend are travelling the 660 miles from home to be there.

Gary Cross - who directed Podium, a mockumentary from a series about a band from Royal Windsor - said: " As soon as we found out we got through I knew we would be making the trip.

"Myself and co-creator Richard and two of the main cast, Sam Correa and Alex Taggart, are making the journey and we can't wait! 

"Making a web series you don't get many chances to see people watch your show so this is the perfect opportunity!"

But travelling that distance is nothing for the cast of the band mockumentary.

Gary said: "We got through to the LA webfest earlier this year, also myself and Richard both made the trip which was an amazing experience.

"We weren't sure how an American audience would react but they absolutely loved it which was a great feeling.

"We learnt a lot from some of the other shows, but we were very pleased with how we showed up against some of the other series."

Heading north, Gary Cross who directed Podium.
Heading north, Gary Cross who directed Podium.

The 16-minute film is part of a web series which finished earlier in the year.

Gary said: "The band is still recovering from the events in the final episode where we held a live gig in the town of Windsor.

"People will have to watch for themselves to see how the gig went…

"We had 100 real people turn up who actually paid for tickets.

"We wanted to capture their real reactions and this is what you see in the episode.

"We had no idea how they would react!

"We gave half of the ticket money to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, which is a charity very close to us and we were really happy we had the opportunity to raise some valuable money, which is all thanks to our amazing local support.

"The rest of the money went towards an eventful wrap up party!"

When the Podium crew are up in the Highlands, they have a wishlist they'll be trying to fulfill.

"Battered Mars bars!" said Gary "I had two at Loch Ness and they are incredible.

"And it will be great to see a good audience watch our show.

"The five episodes took us around seven months to complete.

"It really is our baby, we've all loved working on it together and I'm so proud of all the guys who were involved.

"The Maze Runner which is premiering at the festival looks amazing, so I can't wait to watch that one.

"We're also looking forward to meeting the lovely people of Tain, of course!"

Podium is screened third in the festival's Short Film Showcase IV from 8.45pm on Saturday night at Tain Duthac Centre as part of the Fling! Film Festival. For more details and for more stories and film running times, go to

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