Published: 04/12/2015 09:25 - Updated: 04/12/2015 09:35

Celebrating 100 years of 39 Steps

Robert Donat stars in the first screen version of 'The 39 Steps'.
Robert Donat stars in the first screen version of 'The 39 Steps'.

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps.

To mark the special anniversary of one of the most popular adventure novels of the 20th century, Moniack Mhor, Eden Court Cinema and the National Library of Scotland are working together to present a screening of  Alfred Hitchcock’s adaption for the screen followed by a lecture by Andrew Martin, Curator of Arts and Literature this Sunday, 6th December.

Alfred Hitchcock’s film version, which stars Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll, was released in 1935 and won 2nd place in the New York Film Critics Circle Awards in 1936.

After the film, Andrew Martin will discuss the enduring appeal of John Buchan’s thriller.

Rachel Humphries, Centre Director at Moniack Mhor, says:

“We are pleased to be working in partnership with Eden Court and the National Library of Scotland for this event. Moniack has previously run a screening of The Dead (based on the James Joyce short story) which was well received and we are excited about hosting more in the future.

"By having a talk with an expert on the topic, in this case, Andrew Martin, we gain a deeper insight and it allows a more critical analysis of the context and how the film was created. This is also the second time this month we have worked with the National Library of Scotland, and it’s brilliant to be able to share some of their expertise with our local audience.’

The film screening is at 7pm on Sunday 6th December, and ticket price include entry to the lecture after the film.

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