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Eerie classic for Aussie film season

 Inverness Film Fans host Picnic At Hanging Rock screening.
Inverness Film Fans host Picnic At Hanging Rock screening.

THREE Australian movies make up Inverness Film Fans’ latest choices – and the group’s Georgina Coburn has a special interest in this selection.

An Aussie herself, Georgina - chair of InFiFa - explained: "Being an ex-pat, I’m really looking forward to seeing the audience reaction to these films!"

"Our season starts on Tuesday, September 16 with the brilliant and very funny suburban comedy The Castle, written by the creators of the cult Australian TV comedies The D-Generation and Frontline.

"We’re following that with one of the most iconic Australian films ever made – Peter Weir’s superb mystery Picnic At Hanging Rock. It’s a very rare opportunity to see it on the big screen, made possible by the kind permission of the director’s daughter Ingrid Weir.

"Our final film, David Michôd’s Animal Kingdom, is one of the best films to come out of Australia in recent years.

"It’s a totally gripping crime drama with knock-out performances by some of Australia’s finest actors including Guy Pearce, Ben Mendelsohn and Jackie Weaver (the Oz equivalent of Judy Dench).

"Australia has a long tradition of storytelling on film – starting with the world’s first feature Ned Kelly.

"It should be a great season."

Below is Inverness Film Fans' guide to their three chosen films for the Australian selection:


The Castle
The Castle


1 The Castle

Tuesday, September 16, 7.15pm

Director: Rob Sitch Starring: Michael Caton, Ann Tenney, Anthony Simcoe and Sophie Lee.

Australia / 1997/ 85 mins

A hugely enjoyable and endearing Australian comedy from Director Rob Sitch (The Dish) about a working class tow-truck driver Darryl Kerrigan and his family who are very happy living next to Melbourne airport. When plans for airport expansion threaten the family home, they decide to fight the authorities to keep their castle. Written by Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch and Jane Kennedy (cult Australian TV comedies The D-Generation and Frontline) The Castle is a warm, affectionate and very funny story of suburban family life.


2 Picnic at Hanging Rock

Tuesday, September 30, 7.15

Director: Peter Weir Starring: Anne-Louise lambert, Rachel Roberts and Helen Morse.

Australia / 1975/ 115 mins

One of the most mesmerising, enigmatic and enduring mysteries ever brought to the screen, Picnic At Hanging Rock tells the story of three students and a teacher from a Victorian boarding school who vanish without a trace on a Valentine’s Day excursion to Hanging Rock. With a fine ensemble cast, sumptuous cinematography and meticulous crafting, this film is a "dream within a dream", a breakthrough film for Director Peter Weir and one of the finest productions of the 1970’s New Wave in Australian cinema. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see this iconic film on the big screen! And InFiFa gives special thanks to Ingrid Weir for making the screening possible.

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

3 Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, October 7, 7.15pm

Director: David Michôd Starring: James Frechville, Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton, Jackie Weaver and Ben Mendelsohn.|

Australia / 2010/ 113mins

David Michôd’s remarkable, multi award winning debut feature is quite simply one of the finest Australian films ever made. A superbly paced and impeccably acted crime drama, featuring electrifying performances from some of Australia’s best acting talent, Animal Kingdom tells the story of 17 year old "J" (Josh) Cody, who is taken in by his Grandmother and criminal Uncles following the death of his mother. Caught between family loyalty and the law "J"’s survival instinct is tested to the limit when befriended by a detective who offers him a way out of crime and the family.

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