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Inverness Film Festival: This year's line-up


Special security measures will be in place for the Inverness Film Festival screening of Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon.
Special security measures will be in place for the Inverness Film Festival screening of Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon.

Inverness Film Festival

What’s showing and when at this year’s festival of film at Eden Court from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 9th November.

The Silent Storm (15+) — On a remote Scottish island in the 1950s, Aislin (Andrea Riseborough) is trapped in a marriage with a sternly religious minister who is prone to violent mood swings (Damian Lewis). When a Glaswegian delinquent arrives in their home for one last chance at rehabilitation, Aislin recognises a kindred spirit. Scottish premiere. Wednesday 7pm.

Leviathan (15+) — Kolia lives in a small town in North Russia where he has his own auto-repair shop, but when the corrupt mayor tries to take over his business and his land, Kolia must learn to fight back. Scottish premiere. Subtitled. Wednesday 7.30pm.

Mea Culpa (15+) — Former cop Simon (Vincent Lindon) is rebuilding his life as an armoured car driver after a mistake cost him his job, but dragged back into the world of crime when his son witnesses a gangland killing. In French with subtitles. Wednesday 9pm.

Beyond Clueless (15+) — Written and directed by award-winning film critic Charlie Lyne, this is a dizzying journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through the eyes of over 200 modern teen classics. Thursday 11.30am.

Angel Azul (8+) — Statues cast from live models are used to create a new coral reef in Marcelina Cravat’s documentary. Thursday 2pm.

Mateo (15+) — Teenager Mateo collects extortion money on behalf of his uncle in their poor, violent neighbourhoods alongside the Magdalena river in Colombia. When Mateo agrees to infiltrate a local theatre group in order to uncover its members’ political activities, he becomes enthralled with the free-flowing creative lifestyle of the troupe. Subtitled. Scottish premiere. Thursday 6pm.

Fantail (15+) — Raised as a Maori, Tania (Sophie Henderson) cares for her ailing mother during the day and at night works at a South Auckland petrol station in order to save money for a trip to Australia to find her father. When her brother falls in with the wrong crowd it threatens Tania’s dream of escape. Scottish premiere. Thursday 6.15pm.

The cover of this year's festival brouchure features Australian rama Healing.
The cover of this year's festival brouchure features Australian rama Healing.

Mystery Movie (18) — Once again Inverness Film Festival is staging a secret screening for more adventurous movie-goers. Thursday 8pm.

Papusza (15+) — The true story of Papusza, the first and only Roma woman to put her poems into writing and have them published, only to be rejected by her Roma community and cast out into poverty. In Polish and Romany with subtitles. Scottish premiere. Thursday 8.15pm.

Short Docs (12+) — Scottish and international short documentaries ranging from the life of an octogenarian woman in Harris to a pagan festival that survives in modern day Morocco and how the Government prepared us for the prospect of nuclear war. Friday 11am.

Salt in The Air (12+) — Documentary looking at a Ukranian salt mine and the community around it. UK premiere. Friday 2pm.

Passion (12+) — Follow Mongolian director Binder Jigjid as he travels from village to village promoting his zero-budget film. In Mongolian with subtitles. Friday 3.30pm.

BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards (10+) — Award-winning fact and fiction from Scottish filmakers. Finding Family traces Oggi Tomic’s journey from Cambridge to the Sarajevo orphanage where he was abandoned 27 years ago. The Groundsman stars Braveheart and The Tudors actor David O’Hara as a football groundsman who tries to keep the bankrupt club’s stadium running. Friday 5pm.

Remote Control (12+) — Rural teen Tsog runs away from home and settles on the rooftop of a city apartment in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator. There he becomes obsessed with a young woman living in a top floor flat and steals a remote control so he can control her TV from his rooftop. Subtitled. Friday 5.45pm.


The Skeleton Twins (15) — As children twins Maggie and Milo (Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader) were inseparable.Now in their thirties, another set of near-tragedies brings them back together again. Friday 6.45pm.

Kirsten Wiig and Bill Hader play estranged siblings in The Skeleton Twins.
Kirsten Wiig and Bill Hader play estranged siblings in The Skeleton Twins.

Once in Your Lifetime (8+) — Remote hill lochs and rivers draw fly fishers from across the world to the Highlands. UK premiere. Friday 7pm.

Winter Sleep (15 tbc) — A former actor and his young wife run a hotel in Turkey’ Anatolian hills. When the snow falls in winter, the couple are trapped together with nowhere to escape their growing animosity. In Turkish with subtitles. Scottish premiere. Friday 7.30pm.

The Drop (15) — The late James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) is back in gangster territory for his final film role, starring alongside Tom Hardy as cousins whose mob connected Brooklyn bar is robbed, putting them in the crossfire of an investigation by cops and criminals. Scottish premiere. Friday 8.40pm.

What We Do In The Shadows (15+) — A documentary crew follow a trio of vampire flatmates in this horror comedy from New Zealand. Scottish premiere. Friday 9pm.

Windstorm (10+) — After failing her exams, Mika (Hanna Hoppner) is sent to spend summer at her grandmother’s riding stables where she forms a bod with the fiery black stallion Windstorm. In German with subtitles. Saturday 11am.

Short Cuts 1 (15+) — Short films including the adventures of a customs officer in the lawless Highlands of the early 19th century, a female comics fan who takes her obsession too far, love on a ramshackle satellite orbiting the earth, and a true life pit disaster in the 1920s. Saturday 11.30am.

The Boy and The World (8+) — Brazilian animated film following a young boy’s journey from his remote rural village to the big city to find his father. Saturday 1.30pm.

Difret (15+) — On her way home from school 14-year-old Hirut is abducted by a 29-year-old farmer. In an attempt to escape she grabs a rifle and ends up shooting her would-be husband and is charged with murder. A tenacious young lawyer, hears about Hirut’s case and embarks on a long battle to save her life. This Ethiopian drama won audience awards at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals. Subtitled. Saturday 6pm; Sunday 7.15pm; Monday 6.15pm.

May in The Summer (15+) — May seems to have it all as a successful author whose is set to marry her loving fiancé. But when she returns to Jordan from the USA, the cracks in her seemingly perfect life begin to show and she starts to question the direction her life is taking. Scottish premiere. Saturday 5pm.

The Grandmaster (15+) — An epic action feature is inspired by the life and times of the legendary kung fu master, Ip Man, who taught Bruce Lee. Subtitled. Scottish premiere. Saturday 5.45pm.


Kon-Tiki (15+) — Drama recreating Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 voyage across the Pacific on a balsa wood raft to show that people from South America could have colonised Polynesia. Subtitled. Saturday 6pm.

Adventurer Thor Heyerdahl's epic Pacific voyage is recreated in Kon-Tiki.
Adventurer Thor Heyerdahl's epic Pacific voyage is recreated in Kon-Tiki.

My Old Lady (12A) — Mathias (Kevin Kline) inherits a Paris apartment from his estranged father and find it comes with a sitting tenant, the refined Mathilde (Dame Maggie Smith). Scottish premiere. Saturday 7.15pm.

The Tribe (18+) — When deaf mute Sergeu enrolls in a specialised boarding school for the deaf in Ukraine, it is not long before his fellow students have initiated him into the school’s less educational activities of organised crime and prostitution. Award-winning drama performed entirely in sign language with no dialogue or subtitles. Saturday 8.15pm.

The Homesman (15) — When independent frontierswoman Mary Bee (Hilary Swank) saves condemned man, George Briggs (Tommy Lee Jones), from death she asks that he help her in return to transport three mentally ill women across the long and dangerous American frontier. Saturday 8.30pm.

Firestorm (15+) — A hardboiled police inspector (Andy Lau) is hot on the trails of a notorious criminal crew, he will do anything to bring them down even if it means crossing his moral line. In Cantonese and Mandarin with subtitles. Scottish premiere. Saturday 9.30pm.

Antboy (8+) — 12-year-old Pelle is a loner at school, picked on by bullies and ignored by the beautiful classmate he pines for, but one day he is bitten by a large and strange-looking ant and everything starts to change. Danish superhero spoof. Subtitled. Sunday 11am.

Short Cuts 2 (15+) — More short films: a young fairground worker struggles to fit in; a monkey believes he is destined for a journey onto space; a lonely pupil at a boarding school finds martial arts lessons provide her only human contact; a Greek migrant disappears into the Highlands; and a barmaid must decide between responsibility and friendship when an old friend reappears. Sunday 11.30am.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed (PG) — Animated classic made in Germany in 1926 and based on Tales from The Arabian Nights. Both this and The Unknown will have a live piano accompaniment by Forrester Pyke. Sunday 1.30pm.

Wild (15) — A young woman (Reese Witherspoon) takes on the challenge of the 1000 mile long Pacific Crest Trail on the USA’s rugged west coast. No cameras, phones or bags will be allowed into this advance screening. Scottish premiere. Sunday 1.30pm.

The Unknown (PG) — Alonzo the Armless (Hollywood’s first horror star, Lon Chaney) hides some very dark secrets in this early silent classic from director Tod Browing (Freaks). Sunday 3.30pm.

The Possibilities Are Endless (12A) — The incredible story of Scottish pop star Edwyn Collins’ recovery from a stroke in 2005. Collins will attend the screening and perform a couple of songs. Sunday 5pm.

Healing (12+) — After serving almost 20 years for murder, hard man Viktor is sent to a low security prison farm in rural Australia where he joins a unique rehabilitation program looking after injured birds of prey. UK premiere. Sunday 5.15pm.

Viktoria (15+) — Unwanted child Viktoria is born without a belly button or umbilical cord in Communist-era Bulgaria. Subtitled. Scottish premiere. Sunday 7.30pm.

The Imitation Game (15) — Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the brilliant Cambridge mathematician, logician, cryptologist and computer scientist, Alan Turing, who led the charge to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win World War II. Scottish premiere. Sunday 8pm.


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