Published: 30/09/2014 09:00 - Updated: 23/09/2014 13:25

Movie Of The Week: Dracula Untold

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Dracula Untold
Dracula Untold - Dracula...uh...told.

Release: Friday October 3rd

Starring: Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper

Synopsis: When a power-hungry Sultan threatens the lives of Prince Vlad and his beloved wife and child, he will stop at nothing to protect his precious family. He sets out on a dangerous mission, desperate for help and a resolution to what will otherwise spell out certain doom to his loved ones. He strikes up a deal with an unsavoury group, not realising how the dark powers they grant him will change his life and the world around him, forever. Vlad soon finds himself embroiled in a personal battle, where the line between hero and villain becomes blurred, as he slowly morphs into The Dark Prince the world today knows as Dracula.

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