Published: 13/05/2014 09:00 - Updated: 06/05/2014 12:42

Movie Of The Week: Godzilla

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Godzilla - look at the picture and tell me you're not excited. (note: if you tell me this, you are obviously lying)

Release: Thursday May 15

Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Synopsis: Godzilla arises to combat a massive, malevolent force that's been feeding on a nuclear plant's reactors and now threatens mankind with total annihilation.

Why You Should See It: Giant monsters. Fighting. What do you mean you need to hear more? Giant. Monsters. Fighting.

Oh, alright then. Cast away the 1998 festival of awful that was America's last attempt at a Godzilla movie – notable for Matthew Broderick's sterling efforts to redefine terrible acting – for this will be a far grimmer affair. It's directed by Gareth Edwards, a man with previous in creating terrifying worlds (watch “Monsters”, it's brilliant). It stars Bryan Cranston, who revealed himself to be one of the finest actors of recent memory with his brilliant portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad.

But wait! It's still Godzilla – so there's more than just arty subtexts and post-apocalyptic despair. There's big monsters beating the radioactive snot out of each other! There's Bryan Cranston hamming it up like a pig in Shakespeare – one of the trailers has him scream out, “IT'S GOING TO SEND US BACK TO THE STONE AGE” with the gleeful despair of an actor who can't quite believe his luck. There's also New York torn to shreds, on fire.

Watch the teaser trailer below. It's one of the best trailers I've seen for a film in ages – gripping, visually stunning and cleverly concealing the big scaly lug to ratchet up the tension. Then go see the actual film – and enjoy treat.

I'm disappointed in myself for that pun too, everybody. Just...just watch the trailer.

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