Published: 04/11/2014 09:00 - Updated: 28/10/2014 11:53

Movie Of The Week: Interstellar

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Release: Friday November 7th

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway

Synopsis: Set some time in the not-too-distant future, Interstellar sees planet earth ravaged, and left in a state of uncertainty. Natural resources are diminishing and a series of crop famines has left millions struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Cooper is a farmer who is feeling the full effects of the global crisis, as well as his own personal struggles as a widowed father of two. Realising that nothing within the solar system is capable of saving them, Cooper is alerted to a group of scientists who have uncovered a wormhole which could connect various regions of space time. He is then selected to join a team of explorers who set out on an ambitious mission in the hope of solving the food crisis. As the team transcend previous limitations of human space travel, it soon becomes clear the adventure is going to be bigger than they could have ever anticipated.

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