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HUG (Action for Mental Health)

HUG (Action for Mental Health)HUG (Action for Mental Health) is a Highland-wide network of people who have lived experience of mental health problems and conditions. We describe ourselves as an 'advocacy collective', and are part of a much wider movement across Scotland.

We campaign to improve the rights, services and treatment of people with mental ill health, and to challenge stigma and discrimination. We meet regularly in Inverness and have branch meetings across Highland where we discuss and take action on a diverse range of mental health-related issues.

We become involved in campaigns, take part in awareness-raising, the training of health and other professionals, work to educate young people – and much more. Our members benefit greatly from taking part in and contributing to these activities.

We work to influence key policy and decision-makers across the health and social care services, and in Scottish and UK-wide governments – and work, too, in partnership with a wide range of healthcare and other organisations. We make speeches and presentations, produce reports, publish regular newsletters and updates, produce DVDs and articles to further our aims – and value the benefits of creative expression in its many shapes and forms. Our reports and publications are widely read by professionals and policy-makers as well as our membership.

Membership is free and is open to anyone who has lived experience of mental ill health. Members can also become formal 'volunteers', using their specialist skills and talents to help further our aims. As a collective advocacy project, we aim to represent the whole range of different views held by our members, rather than attempting to find a consensus.

Launched in 1996, HUG now has between 350 and 400 members across Highland. Our main aim is to improve the way we, as users of mental health services, are treated.

For further information, contact:

HUG (Action for Mental Health)
Spirit Advocacy
Cromwell Villa
23 Lotland Street

Tel: 01463 719366


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