QnA with soprano Soraya Mafi

Soraya Mafi

Lancashire-born soprano Soraya Mafi will sing at Eden Court on Wednesday, January 10 with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra at their Viennese Gala. Below, she answers some questions ...

REVIEW 2017: Best gig of the year

Published: Thu 04 Jan 2018

Matt Andersen

GOING back over a year's worth of experiences to pick out the best moments is somewhere between the ultimate high - so many great times relived - and a horror story.


Published: Tue 02 Jan 2018

Lulu comes North.

LULU left her party piece until the second-last song of the night at Tuesday's All About The Music tour date at Eden Court.

REVIEW: Happy Mondays

Published: Fri 22 Dec 2017

Shaun newest

Hallelujah! It was the return of Happy Mondays led by Shaun Ryder to the Ironworks on Thursday.

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