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BREW ACTS: Adam makes leap for festival appearance

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Randolph's Leap can vary in size from a solo Adam Ross to an eight-piece band.
Randolph's Leap can vary in size from a solo Adam Ross to an eight-piece band.

FOR a Glasgow based band, Randolph’s Leap's Brew at The Bog appearance comes pretty close to being a home gig.

Frontman and songwriter Adam Ross is originally from Nairn and the band itself takes its name from a feature of the River Findhorn, so it should be no surprise that Ross admits the band’s heart is still in the Highlands.

"It’s a place that still inspires me," he acknowledged.

"The real Randolph’s Leap has always felt a bit mysterious and otherwordly to me and I really enjoy playing Inverness gigs because it makes up for the lack of gigs I attended in the area when I was growing up. It seems like there’s a lot more going on than there used to be, which is great for music fans in the Highlands but also great for musicians who have more opportunities to travel to scenic and interesting places beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh."

This trip north follows close on the release of debut album Clumsy Knot (released on Lost Map) and Ross is delighted with the way the release has captured the varying moods of Randolph’s Leap with its mix of studio and DIY recordings.

"The vision for this album was that it would be a varied patchwork that represented all of the different aspects of the band," he explained.

"There are eight band members on a good day, but Randolph’s Leap can also exist in smaller incarnations, right down to a solo act. I’m really into home recording and that’s become a recognisable aspect of what we do, so I wanted an album that showcased the full band, but still retained some of the lo-fi, DIY recording styles and sense of character that we’ve tried to put into our previous songs. I didn’t want the production to sound polished or generic .

"To me, Clumsy Knot feels like a positive statement about who we are as a band. I think it allows us to take the next album in a choice of different directions."

Ross is one of a number of Scottish artists whose names can represent bands or solo artists such as Withered Hand or the boss of Lost Map, Johnny Lynch (aka The Pictish Trail), who is also appearing at Brew at The Bog.

"Johnny was somebody who reminded me that it’s possible to perform in different guises under the same stage name," Ross said.

"I’m a big fan of musicians like Eels and The Magnetic Fields who often perform as ‘bands’, but are also recognisable as ‘solo’ artists. Pictish Trail is another example. I enjoy being able to do both — although playing with the full eight-piece is definitely the most fun."

Like a number of other acts, Randolph’s Leap made the move across the country from Fife based Fence Records to Eigg based Lost Map and Ross is happy to be in the company of such artists as Kid Canaveral, Tuff Love and The Pictish Trail himself.

"There are no duffers in the Lost Map roster," Ross declared.

"Actually, I’ve just realised that my saying that probably means we’re the duffer...

"Lost Map is very similar to Fence in regards to its DIY and community ethos. Most of the Lost Map roster were previously Fence bands so it feels very familiar and I think it’ll continue to blossom."


• Randolph’s Leap appear on the main stage at Bogbain at 5pm on Saturday

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