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Allusondrugs QnA: 'We're quite an eccentric and lively bunch of people'

Written byKyle Walker

Allusondrugs come to the Raigmore Motel on Saturday, headlining a mammoth five-band bill.
Allusondrugs come to the Raigmore Motel on Saturday, headlining a mammoth five-band bill.

Allusondrugs make their way north to headline a mammoth show at the Raigmore Motel this weekend. The West Yorkshire alt-rockers head a bill put together by Earth-616 Promotions that also includes some of the Highlands’ top talent – Bloodlines, Alkanes, The Oxides, and Cobalt. Ahead of the show, guitarist Drey Pavlovic told us a little bit about the band...

I suppose the first thing I should ask is whether or not you’ve ever been up to Inverness/the Highlands before? Looking forward to it?

Yes we’re really looking forward to it! We’ve been as far up as Aberdeen before but never to Inverness. It’s going to be a new experience for us and we’re really excited about travelling up and playing our music.

You’ve got a few dates in Scotland alongside Bloodlines – how did these gigs come about? There’s a few local bands on the bill as well up at the Raigmore (Alkanes, The Oxides, Cobalt) – have you had the chance to listen to them yet?

We’re a D.I.Y band with no booking agent so making small tours and headline shows happen can sometimes be very hard for bands in our position. Luckily we’ve built up some great contacts through constant touring over the years so it was just a case of approaching our lovely friend Harris Douglas (HD Music) to arrange our Scotland dates for us!

Inverness will be hosted by Stephen at Earth 616 promotions. We always make a big effort to check out our supports and we really like what we’re hearing so far. We cant wait to meet them all and make new friends.

How would you describe yourselves, your sound and your live show to people who might be hearing of you for the first time?

We’re quite an eccentric and lively bunch of people. We like to wear colourful clothes when it comes to dressing ourselves. If you lined us all up together we would probably resemble some sweets you’ve selected from a pick n’ mix shop. Everyone in the band has a big personality and that definitely reflects through our mannerisms, the way we play our instruments and our on-stage presence. Our live show is packed with great songs, interesting and unpredictable moments, high energy performances and it’s all aided by an insane amount of passion for what we do.

Your press stuff and bio makes you sound pretty political – is that a label you’d give yourself? How do you factor your beliefs into your music performance?

We’re not really a full-blown political band (like System of a Down, or Narcs) but at the same time we’re all awake and aware of what is going on right now – life and society are fine-tuned in favour of the elite. The political tonality we use online is mainly a justification for our band name.

The “drugs” part is a metaphor for any trivial rubbish that is put out there to keep you from the truth (TV, poor quality food, illness, disease, false flags, etc). We’re basically saying more people need to wake up, but at the same time we’re also saying that our shows are a place you can come to and forget about these awful things, if just for a night.

We often take small steps to raise awareness on our social media and every now and then a social or political event may inspire new music or lyrics.

What’s been the best gig you’ve ever played? The worst? The weirdest?

The best show we’ve ever played is a hard call to make. It was probably at Y-Not Festival. Our tent was jammed back to front and we had the entire place jumping up and down by the last song.

The worst gig we’ve ever played was at this strange sports bar in Sunderland.From the moment we arrived we were being intimidated all night by some strange drunk fellow. He was invading our personal space and doing strange things like letting himself into our vehicles and hurling random abuse at anyone he saw.

We just about put up with him all night till we hit the stage. During the last song I saw him in the audience and I decided stop playing my guitar, run out into the crowd and jump on his back and tackle him to the ground. It was just for fun really...but the guy was not impressed and proceeded to chase me around the venue.

My band were literally performing our last song while I was being chased around the venue by an angry drunk man. He could barely stand up so I was pausing the chase every now and then and teasing him to come after me. Fun times. That show can dually hold the title for worst and weirdest show.

What’s the nicest thing that somebody has said about your music?

“Hearing your music and seeing you live reminds me of a time when bands were so important to me – you’ve literally taken me back to that moment in my life – thank you, thank you, thank you.” – a nice fan in London 2016.

Which of your tracks are you particularly looking forward to showcasing at the Raigmore Motel, and why?

All of them! Each of our songs contain something different so we always look forward to playing as many as we can and then seeing the reactions from the crowd.

What’s next on the horizon for Allusondrugs?

We want to be the biggest band we can possibly be! Our next move is top secret. Cross your fingers for us please!

Allusondrugs headline the Raigmore Motel on Saturday, June 15, with support from Bloodlines, Alkanes, The Oxides, and Cobalt. Doors open at 6pm. For tickets (£10), go to

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