Published: 10/03/2016 13:11 - Updated: 03/03/2016 14:10

Ferocious Dog to prowl in Aberdeen

Ferocious Dog
Ferocious Dog

In China, 2015 was the year of the Sheep – but in Nottinghamshire and countless venues and festivals in the UK it was the year of the Dog.  The year that Ferocious Dog snarled their way from the periphery of the festival and gig scene and put themselves firmly in the limelight of the alternative scene. They sold out  the 1900 capacity Rock City, Nottingham, in November 2015……the first band ever to have done this.

Creating their own take on Traditional Celtic folk, Ferocious Dog takes the traditional instruments; fiddles, whistles, mandolins and mixes them up with a bit of, raw, buzz saw

rock n' roll attitude. With their unique, aggressive yet feel-good music they tear up venues across the country often bringing their faithful Hell Hounds along for the ride. 

Their guitarist is Les Carter of the Unstoppable Sex Machine fame(frequently shortened to Carter USM).  Carter USM headlined Glastonbury The Pyramid Stage in 1992, when Ferocious Dog frontman and ex-miner Ken Bonsall was in the audience.......and now he is a member of Ferocious Dogs.   

They are playing: Krakatoa, Aberdeen, on Saturday 19th March.

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