Published: 19/02/2016 14:58 - Updated: 19/02/2016 15:52

Hector Bizerk's hip hop showcase

Hector Bizerk’s Louie and Audrey Tait.
Hector Bizerk’s Louie and Audrey Tait.


by Margaret Chrystall

HIPHOP frontman Louie tweeted for info on Inverness to include in a customised track he’ll play in the city on


Friday (today, Feb 19).


Bird news back was that noisy seagulls can sometimes crash the gig, calling from the venue roof and being heard during performances.

Louie laughs: “I think the seagulls might migrate when they hear the sound of Hector Bizerk, so we’ll be fine!

"But apart from that, I didn’t learn much I didn’t know – because I’m quite familiar with Inverness, we’ve been up a number of times.

"And it’s a city I love.

"It’s always nice to be writing in transit and a lot of the new album has been written on tour. "

It’s due out in April and follows their last one – The Waltz Of Modern Psychiatry – which wasn’t planned but grew out of their work for their play soundtrack to Crazy Jane by the Birds Of Paradise Theatre Company which came to Inverness last year.

Louie said: "That was an incredible experience and it was nice to be asked to be involved in something like that and to move in that kind of world.

"Originally we were supposed to be writing three or four songs for the company. We were given the characters, the story, everything and though it set set in the 19th century it was just so transferable to modern culture anywhere in the world. It was based in France – but would be the same for Glasgow or Milan or any modern, cosmopolitan city.

"It was set 100 years ago in Paris when these characters were living and were studied by all these analysts and pseudo-doctors."

Crazy Jane told the story of Jane Avril, star of the Moulin Rouge, with a bizarre childhood, mental issues and model for some of French artist Toulouse Lautrec’s iconic posters.

Louie added: "So a whole album came out of that because the material was so rich and was called The Waltz Of Modern Psychiatry.

"It got great reviews and was a big risk for us and a departure for us sonically in how the songs were conceived. It was a fascinating way to work and truly inspirational."

The experience has pushed Hector Bizerk on, Louie feels.

"I think performing on stage and writing songs is our forte – we didn’t perform in Crazy Jane, we just composed for it.

"I think that the type of writing we do can transcend those boundaries, definitely, because of the poetry within it.

"And I think our production has come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years because Audrey has been in the studio pretty much full-time and I think that luxury has given us great growth in our songwriting.

"Being able to write to a new remit was great for us."

Louie and Audrey are also aware of how important the performance of live shows should be.

For a while they have been including break-dancing and having a graffiti artist working live onstage with them as part of their gigs.

"That’s still unique in Scotland to Hector Bizerk," Louie confirmed.

"There are loads of talented people making hip hop in Scotland now, but not another act like ours that does a multi-discipline showcase of all the different elements of hip hop.

"It means there is always something there for the audience to be entertained by!

"It’s not just a gig, it’s our duty to make it a bigger and better performance for people who want to come back and see us and have the unpredictability of not knowing what is going to happen next.

"It’s to make it exciting for people who have spent their hard-earned money coming to watch a band playing – and we give them all that."

Hector Bizerk plays the Spectrum Centre, Inverness, today (Friday), February 19.

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