Published: 28/05/2014 16:59 - Updated: 28/05/2014 17:07

Iain McLaughlin album launch gig

Iain McLaughlin. Picture: JAERO
Iain McLaughlin. Picture: JAERO

Iain McLaughlin And The Outsiders return with a new album and a live Ironworks date on Friday, September 12 to launch it.

Progression is what the Inverness band feel they stand for and how they deliver that intent.

The follow-up and next step from 2012’s full-length debut album WeAreAllOutsiders, is Falling Through the Dark.

A brand new record, which encapsulates the pensive style of songwriter Mclaughlin's admissions, hopes and fears and distills them into a broadening aural landscape.

The bedrock of that landscape remains a carefully-selected rhythm section.

The sub-assault of Dave Ramsay on bass and drummer Russell Montgomery's sniping percussive onslaught combine to frame the wraith-like melodies of Paul Elliott’s lead guitar.

The recent addition of fifth member and multi-instrumentalist Alasdair Duncan adds new sonic dimensions, which McLaughlin has deftly employed both in the studio and the live environment with the dynamic addition of piano and harmony vocals.

It’s the live environment where the band’s reputation has been earned.

Delivering layer upon layer of sound and melody, infused with a darker, dirtier aesthetic, at its core is a sense of unabashed honesty that defines the musicians - not only as a group, but all five as individuals.

It is a band and a sound that could only have been produced under the wide open skies of the Highlands.

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