Published: 03/10/2014 17:36 - Updated: 03/10/2014 19:56

Ironworks for Capitol 1212 and DangerMan

Capitol 1212
Capitol 1212

CAPITOL 1212 return for an Ironworks appearance on Saturday bringing DangerMan – a featured vocalist from their debut album The Return Of Rudy Nacho.

"We’ll be DJing and playing some songs from our album," said Dave Boyd, originally from Inverness.

Along with Capitol 1212 partner Professor Fresh, Dave brought out their album in January and since then highlights of the year have included a recent headlining slot at Dublin festival, Electric Picnic.They’ve also made a couple of appearances on BBC Alba music show Rapal recently, one featuring DangerMan.

Dave said: "We met DangerMan when we were playing with Edinburgh soundsystem Big Toes Hi Fi, as he was a regular vocalist there.

"He was born in St Thomas in Jamaica but grew up in Kingston near Hope Road in the same neighbourhood as some famous singers out there, such as Capleton."

DangerMan guests with Capitol 1212 on Saturday at the Ironworks.
DangerMan guests with Capitol 1212 on Saturday at the Ironworks.

"The track he’s on is an album favourite for some people – and we’ll be doing it live on Saturday."

Dave recalled recording the album: "It was great fun as we recorded it in a studio above a masonic lodge. I think the booming bass was probably shaking the ceiling down below, but the lodge was cool, we got on great with them and we got cheap rum in there. Not sure if we’re in the masons now, though!"

Dave also has good things to say about Inverness DJ/promoters Andy Stone and Alottarhythman, behind Saturday’s line-up.

"I really wish these guys had been about when I grew up. They’re bringing so much underground music to Inverness."

Capitol 1212 featuring DangerMan play Room 2 at the Ironworks on Saturday, along with Andy Stone and Blair Bosk. In the main room, it’s Rebecca Vasmant & Kakatsitsi Master Drummers From Ghana, live with special guest Jay Dub, plus Alottaryhthmman, Mark Mackenzie and Alan Grant. Read the full interview at

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