Published: 12/06/2014 13:04 - Updated: 12/06/2014 13:18

Krooked Saints koming to rock Kaithness and Inverness, letter "C" banned

Written byKyle Walker

Krooked Saints
Krooked Saints - coming to a town near you! If you live near Inverness or Thurso, that is.

Tour Dates:

The Eagle Bar, Inverness – Friday June 13

Y-Not Bar & Grill, Thurso – Saturday June 14

What is it with Dundee and grimy hard-rock recently? It was only a couple of weeks ago that Fat Goth descended on the Highlands with their punishingly loud and fast riffage, inflecting every syllable with venomous glee and causing widespread tinnitus with a frankly reckless abandon.

What's On North is only just beginning to recover from that gig, and yet Dundee has deigned it necessary to send yet more dirty swaggering rock our way, with Krooked Saints set to conduct a mini-tour of the Highlands this weekend.

The three-piece band can be best described as just straight-out indie-rock - heavy on the staccato riffage and The View-esque vocals, light on the brakes. We've provided a link to their debut single below – have a listen and see what you think.

They'll be playing The Eagle Bar in Inverness on Friday 13th, after a gig at Crystal Lake presumably fell through. Following that, they'll be trekking up to Thurso to peddle their wares in Caithness at the Y-Not Bar & Grill. Best get yourself down there – it's going to be great.

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