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Last gig for Fort band Skeleton Verse

Skeleton Verse have their final gig in the Maryburgh Inn, Fort William on Saturday.
Skeleton Verse have their final gig in the Maryburgh Inn, Fort William on Saturday.



by Margaret Chrystall

THE band Skeleton Verse play their last gig at the Maryburgh Bar in Fort William on Saturday after six years together.

Singer Brian Jamieson said: "I was talking to Jim Reade our guitarist about it and everything has its day and Skeleton Verse just ran out of time."

The band – which plans to finish on a high with Saturday’s gig – had a full line-up which also included Sean Clark on rhythm guitar, Brian Macrae on bass and Martyn Stone on drums.

Singer Brian said: "I liken it to being in a marriage and in a five-piece, that’s five marriages. It’s hard blending all the different personalities. And I’ve been trying to push the band forward with everyone having to juggle work commitments.

"For me music is a lot more than a hobby and a big character flaw of mine is expecting everyone to have the same mentality.

"It’s not anyone’s fault that the band is finishing, but collectively it’s probably everyone’s!

"I thought we had something special and different, but we’ve not seen that come to fruition.

"We’d watch other bands who had been highly hyped and we’d blow them off the stage. But it’s difficult trying to make things happen and build a fanbase.

"We put so much music out there, trying to stand out. But, for us, I think it was that whole thing of not being in the right place at the right time.

"Back in the days of the Myspace promoters, we’d be trying to build on our fanbase in Fort William to build one in Glasgow. They’d, have us playing Glasgow four times a month.

"Even if Public Enemy were playing four times a month, I wouldn’t go and see them that many times!

"So for us it was trying to find the balance between playing too much – and too little.

"It was also hard because it was difficult to fit our music into one genre.

"We felt the best tagline would be ‘alternative metal’. But we were linked to things like rap-metal. Yet when we were reviewed, we never got likened to any other band a lot and I don’t think you could pigeonhole our music into one category. I take that as a compliment.

"My bandmates are all brilliant. We’re all just going to continue with different thinggs.

"I think we peaked with Burst Balloons – it was our finest moment."

Skeleton Verse continued on from earlier band The Paradox – the name-change was caused by Paradox being a popular band-name worldwide.

Skeleton Verse released EPs The Storm Before The Calm Vol 1 & 2, single Burst Balloons still on iTunes now, as single Alcoholocaust.

They opened shows for Pop Will Eat Itself, Heaven’s Basement, Prong and Black Pacific.

At the time of the Burst Balloons release, Brian said: "The heart of our band is in metal, but we could easily play on a punk line-up, or a hip hop night, if we were into dubstep we would probably mess about with that but have a metal twist on it.

"As long as it makes us laugh when we work on songs, we know we are onto something. It has to sound ridiculous for us to pursue it!"

Brian said this week: "I think having a last gig will be a good way to go out with a bang and the Maryburgh is a great place for it.

"You’re playing in people’s faces – you can smell the crowd’s breath!"

Brian will now pursue his next band project called Def Concerto and guitarist Jim is also in another line-up. Brian hopes remaining band members Martyn ‘Stony’ Stone and bassist Brian will continue after a break.

Brian said: "It’s been a massive privilege fronting Skeleton Verse."

Skeleton Verse play their last gig at the Maryburgh Bar, Fort William, on Saturday from 10pm. Hear their music: and look back on Facebook:

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