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Leap to Adam's local stage

Randolph's Leap
Randolph's Leap

HAVING been brought up in Nairn, songwriter Adam Ross has been inside Eden Court quite a few times in the past, but Friday’s OneTouch show with Woodenbox will see him make his first appearance there as a performer.

So he hopes a few familiar faces from his hometown might make the trip through  to see him front his band Randolph's Leap.

"It’s usually places like Brew at The Bog and Belladrum where you bump into people," he added.

"Sometimes they are people who don’t even know you are in a band. You sort of catch their eye when you are on stage. It’s quite strange."

It has been a while since Randolph’s Leap last played in Inverness, so expect some old favourites as well as a taste of the band’s forthcoming album, Cowardly Deeds, which is released in May, over a year after it was recorded in a residential studio in Lanarkshire.

"We had the place to ourselves, no close neighbours, so we didn’t have to worry about noise levels or things like that, and it turned out to be quite a good bonding session for the band," Ross said.

"There were definitely a lot of new ideas in the studio. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that we basically moved in for two weeks.

"We’re all really pleased with how this record sounds. I hope people will like it."

Unlike debut album Clumsy Knot, which Ross describes as a patchwork of studio and home recordings, this was recorded in one place with the same line-up on each track. It was also written with the eight-piece line-up in mind from the beginning of each song.

Randolph’s Leap shows have been known to vary in size from Ross appearing solo to the full eight-piece band, and while Ross acknowledges it would be nice to play every live show with the full line up, sadly that is not always financially or logistically viable.

Adam (right) performing with Randolph's Leap at Brew at The Bog.
Adam (right) performing with Randolph's Leap at Brew at The Bog.

Main act for the night will be Olive Grove labelmates Woodenbox, and Ross reckons it should make for a good double bill.

"Myself and Ali (Downer) are quite different songwriters, but I think it works," he said.

"We are both quite upbeat and we actually played a wedding together in Inverness – Marion Scott, who used to present on MFR, had us playing at her wedding and I think the two bands complement each other and there is enough variation as well that having us side by side works quite well."

What also seems to work well are Randolph’s Leap’s I Can’t Dance To This Music events.

Originally a day long music event, the band also added comedy to the mix.

"It’s a nice way to break up the bands," Ross said.

"I don’t know why comedy and music seem to be so separate these days. A lot of the bands we are into are really funny, whether that’s because of the lyrics or the banter.

"We are keen to do one outwith Glasgow, but it’s quite a big task, especially the last one. We did it at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, so it was quite a big jump in the size of venue and we were there from 9am until about 1am. Then we were back at 9am again to clear everything up. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it."

Randolph’s Leap appear with Woodenbox at the OneTouch Theatre, Eden Court, Inverness, from 8pm on Friday March 25.

New album, Cowardly Deeds, will be released by Olive Grove Records on May 20 with teaser single Under The Sun out on Friday April 1.

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