Published: 24/09/2014 13:51 - Updated: 24/09/2014 17:12

Loopallu: Model Aeroplanes QnA

Model Aeroplanes
Model Aeroplanes

PIC CAP: Model Aeroplanes

Fun and fresh pop music is what Ben Buist, Grant Irvine, Kieran Smith and Rory Fleming-Stewart aka Model Aeroplanes showed off when they supported Twin Atlantic at the Ironworks last month – and it’s what they promise when they join the bill at this weekend’s Loopallu festival in Ullapool. Below they reveal why Prince and Slipknot might be on their dream festival hitlist ...

1 Do you have a favourite festival experience?

Model Aeroplanes: We’ve never actually been to Loopallu, it’s really exciting going to any festival for the first time but we recon this will be a totally different experience; being so remote and all.

So far we’ve had too many amazing experiences, spectating and performing at festivals to tally, but from what we’ve heard I’m sure that this week we’ll be able to add Loopallu to that list.

2 What do you feel will be the track to go down best at Loopallu – and why?

Model Aeroplanes: We’re really excited to play a couple of brand new tracks this weekend. There’s two un-named songs that we’ve been working on for about a month now and they’re really fun to play. One’s got loads of groove and the other’s a really perky guitar song. I think Whatever Dress Suits You Better always seems to be a crowd-pleaser though and it’s really fun to play live.

3 What would be the top three acts (dead or alive) on your dream festival bill – and, as you’re on the list too, where would it be!?

Model Aeroplanes: This is such a hard question, but if we had to chose, Prince would headline, Paul Simon would have to do some sort of collaboration with Slipknot and Wu Tang Clan would open. It’d be the most outrageous and confusing night in every spectator’s life, but it’d be so cool.

It’d have to take place on a man-made tropicaliIsland in the middle of Kreuzberg.

4 Do you have an embarrassing festival moment you are brave enough to share?

Model Aeroplanes: We have plenty but, thankfully, we don’t remember many of them. Grant spent the Saturday at TITP 2012 mud-sliding on his face, around the arena. We were, and still are, pretty embarrassed for him.

5 What’s the biggest/best thing to happen re your music in 2014 so far?

Model Aeroplanes: Supporting Twinny Last month was pretty special. We’ve always looked up to them a lot and been massive fans, so taking us away for a few shows was really sound of them!

6 If you could nominate one of your YouTube clips/videos to show your music at its best (for you), what would it be?

Model Aeroplanes: It’s called Innocent Love when we performed live on BBC Scotland for Vic Galloway.

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