Published: 30/03/2017 13:00 - Updated: 30/03/2017 15:47

Miss Lucid QnA: "We've been through some really tough times"

Written byKyle Walker

Miss Lucid.
Miss Lucid.

ABERDEEN rockers Miss Lucid are gearing up for their return to Inverness as part of a mini-tour to promote their new album. The four-piece will play the Mad Hatters bar at Hootananny on Friday, March 31 ahead of the release of their eponymous debut record. Support comes from Inverness hard rock quintet Devil’s Queen. We sat down with bandmates Mike Chang and Kev Smith for a quick chat...

(MC: Mike Chang / KS: Kev Smith)

Q: Have you ever played Inverness before? If not, are you looking forward to visiting the Highlands? If so, how did the last visit go?

MC: Yeah, we've played Mad Hatters before and it's always been great! We're looking forward to coming back and actually having some units to shift this time round. We've been working on this record for a while now, so we're excited to play it live and LOUD!

KS: The journey north is always a treat for us. We've all played in Inverness, a couple times as Miss Lucid and plenty other times with various bands over the years. I can't remember ever having a bad time in Inverness, literally every time I have performed there has been a real blast.. let's hope this trend continues on Friday night. Does Bruce still do sound at Mad Hatters? He's a real hoot.

Q: How would you describe yourselves and your music to new listeners?

MC: We're a rock band, with indie flashings and a nod to the 90s. We write deep and meaningful pop songs that come packed with riffs and melodies that'll be left ringing in your ears. Come scope us out!

KS: We are four old friends who have been performing together in many different bands over the past 10-15 years. If you are a fan of bands like Placebo and Manic Street Preachers then you may well be a future Miss Lucid fan. Only one way to find out...

Q: What can the uninitiated expect from your live show?

MC: Energy, riffs, songs with hooks, and a tight ass rhythm section! 

KS: Remember when Mike Tyson burst onto the scene and was knocking guys out left, right and center? Our live show isn't anything like that.

Q: You’re launching an album on this mini-tour – what’s the recording process been like?

MC: It's been a long time coming to be honest. We're just really pleased to have them in one piece.

KS: Long, boring and expensive. This album took us around 3/4 years to finish. Every time we went to the studio in Glasgow it was either raining, or helicopters were crashing into pubs, or both.

The fact that we were working alongside some awesome people made it all a bit more bearable.

Q: How did you guys first get together? And what’s it been like playing in Miss Lucid?

KS: We all met on Tinder. Playing in Miss Lucid is what keeps us off the streets, keeps us on the straight and narrow. I hate to think how successful we would be if we never started this band.

Seriously though, we've been through some really tough times during our time as Miss Lucid, I'll spare you the gory details. The fact that we are still here, still playing shows and still making music just goes to show how much this band means to each of us.

Q: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played, and why?

KS: Depending on when this gets published... the best gig we ever played was at Madhatters in the 31st of March 2017. I can't believe how many people turned up.. I think they had to start turning people away. We also sold nearly all of our merch.. which was rather nice.

The best gig we never played was the System of a Down concert in Armenia back in 2007 (Fun fact: if you skip to around the 18 minute mark of the YouTube video, lightening strikes right on the beat to the music, bloody spectacular)

Q: What’s the nicest thing anybody’s said about your music? And what’s the most horrible thing?

KS: I'm not sure if anyone has ever said anything nice about our music... not while I was in the room anyway.

Most horrible thing? We've got a bunch of quotes taken from random blog posts that are currently on our FB page...

"I hate to get on the bandwagon here but their music just doesn't grab me on any level"

"very very uninspiring and just doesn't stand out."

"the singer was pretty pissed and almost fell backwards into the drum kit. That made me smile."

"Heard Miss Lucid now, and they're shit."

"some of them sat through the back of the gig wearing sunglasses"

"I don't like Miss Lucid"

"Miss Lucid are probably one of the worst local bands"

"it's all a bit overwrought and overtly earnest. Sounds sub-Manics and dull to my ears."

"Miss Lucid have one of the worst attitudes going.

"They're pants"

Q: What tracks are you particularly looking forward to showcasing at Mad Hatters, and why?

KS: We just released the video for our latest single, "The Beast". It's the first track on the album. It's a very direct, in your face type of rock song. I love to play this song live as it gets right into meat of what we're about. It fairly wakes you up, like a really strong coffee, or a slap on the face with a raw piece of bacon.

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