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Netsounds Talk #5 - On goNORTH and the enigmatic Lorrs MacDougall

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Netsounds Unsigned - showing you the best of goNORTH so we don't have to. Hooray for laziness!

Those happy-go-lucky types over at Netsounds are just raring to go for this year's goNORTH Festival. So much so that they begged us to let them write a list of unmissable bands for this year's festival. Sensing the chance to knock off work early and hit the pub, What's On North could only agree with a big grin on our collective fizzogs.

Remember, we've got a whole host of interviews with some of the acts elsewhere on this site. Go check them out too. Now, take it away lads...

Our good friend, let’s call her Lorrs MacDougall*, asked us recently who she should go and see at goNORTH in Inverness this year. She knows we love a good list and a challenge.

However, as Murray scratched his beard and Jamie stroked his ginger Tom we thought to ourselves, hey that’s a good idea; let’s publish a list purely for Lorrs MacDougall. That way we pretty much know what she likes and what she might be tempted by and we can avoid the calls from the public gallery of “off with their heads”, “what do they know?” and “what no bands from Ballinluig?”

So, here is a list of acts that we think Lorrs MacDougall may enjoy at goNORTH 2014. And who knows readers, you may too.

goNORTH takes place in Inverness from 4th-5th June with the live showcases staged in a number of venues across the city centre.

* Real name has been changed to protect her identity.

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goNORTH - why we're all reading this article. Come on, keep up.
Neon Waltz (Hootanannys Bandwagon Stage, Wednesday 4th June, 11pm)

Psychedelic melodic, indie rock from the far North of Scotland. "The most promising new British band we've heard all year" -NME

Atom Tree (Madhatters, Oui Love Stage, Wednesday 4th June, 9:30pm)

Emotional electronic music that works wonderfully on the live stage. Anyone we've spoken to says, "check them out, you won’t be disappointed!"

Machines In Heaven (Madhatters, Oui Love Stage, Wednesday 4th June 11:30pm)

Best Electro act at SAMAs 2014. An outstanding debut album. "Epic, beat-driven, lush, nasty, ambient and noisy". Please don't compare to CHVRCHES. They are likely to overtake their synth brothers.

The Yawns (The Room, Netsounds Unsigned Stage, Wednesday 4th June 10pm)

Lo-fi garage pop. Your antidote for the otherwise abysmal music that grabs the headlines.

Pale Honey (Market Bar, Wednesday 4th June, 9:45pm)

Minimalistic rock from Sweden that sounds intense and cool at the same time. We’ve loved the sound and now want to see the show. Previous Guardian “New Band of the Day”.

Algernon Doll (Market Bar, Wednesday 4th June, 10:45pm)

2 critically acclaimed albums at just 24 years old. He’s been compared to Elliot Smith and there’s a hint of 90s grunge on his latest release.

Prehistoric Friends (Blackfrairs, Wednesday 4th June 8pm)

Solo project of Scottish multi-instrumentalist Liam Chapman (Friends in America, Quickbeam, Miaoux Miaoux). Largely a 2-piece live but there maybe a full band line-up for goNORTH. Simply wonderful pop.

Copper Lungs (Deeno’s, Wednesday 4th June, 8:30pm)

Dundee based band with a powerful blend of melodic harmonized vocally-driven pop rock.

United Fruit (Deeno’s, Wednesday 4th June, 11:30pm)

Ferocious and loud. However you are liley to be won over by the infectious and blistering riffs. You might want to pick up a guitar afterwards.

Dr Wook (The Phoenix, Wednesday 4th June, 10pm)

He's not Han Solo's side-kick nor is he medically trained. We'd call him a fraud if not for his brilliant lo-fi roots influenced looptastic performances.

Michael Cassidy (The Phoenix, Wednesday 4th June, 11pm)

The reason we will break our "let's go and see bands we've never seen before" goNORTH rule. Right now, Scotland's best singer-songwriter? Quite possibly.

The Youth And Young (Hootananny, Bandwagon Stage Thursday 5th June 8pm)

Each song we hear from The Youth and Young is always hugely impressive and new track Escher Drawn is no exception – it’s absolutely epic.

Siobhan Wilson (Madhatters, Scottish Bloggers Showcase, Thursday 5th June 10:30pm)

A unique and beautiful voice that we are sure will entrance you.

Deathcats (Madhatters, Scottish Bloggers Showcase, Thursday 5th June 11:30pm)

Lo-fi garage, indie-pop with rollicking riffs. We dare yout o sttand still with arms folded stroking your beard. Go on! All hail Deathcats!

Dante (The Room, Netsounds Unsigned Stage, Thursday 5th June 8pm

Brilliant indie-rock with a twist of folk and an anthemic edge. Not for filing under “twee” that’s for sure.

Model Aeroplanes (The Room, Netsounds Unsigned Stage, Thursday 5th June, 11pm)

They have an upbeat tempo reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club/Vampire Weekend and look like One Direction. Fame and worryingly obsessive fans await.

Pinact (Market Bar, Thursday 5th June, 10:45pm)

2-headed noisy beast of a band who are having an absolute blast. Guitar and drum grunge-pop that’s got a great melody too! They will sweat and so will you.

Garden Of Elks (Blackfriars, Thursday 5th June, 9pm)

A tantric, fuzzy wall of sound. Their mission: “to eclipse the fat [bum. It's bum. - Ed.] of pop.”

Indian Red Lopez (Deeno’s, Thursday 5th June, 9:30pm)

Former “Best Electronic Act” at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Q Magazine even hailed them “a force to be reckoned with”.

Lionel (Ironworks,Thursday 5th June, 10:15pm)

They were introduced at the goNORTH launch as “one of the best unsigned bands in Scotland right now. No pressure then.

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