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Brew Acts: Pictish Johnny will be brewing up a storm

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The Pictish Trail. Credit: James Yorkston.
The Pictish Trail. Credit: James Yorkston.

HAVING masterminded the odd festival himself, Johnny Lynch, aka The Pictish Trail, gives his approval to Inverness’s Brew at The Bog where he will be making an appearance of his own this weekend.

"With a lot of festivals, a lot of home grown Scottish talent seems to get pushed further down the bill, so it’s good to see another festival that’s championing the good stuff that Scotland’s producing," Lynch said.

Lynch is making his debut at Bogbain, having heard good reports from other acts who have played there, but admitted that he was attending the event as part of a two-for-one offer with Tuff Love, one of a number of Brew at The Bog acts signed to his new label Lost Map Records along with Kid Canaveral and Randolph’s Leap.

It is a busy time for Lost Map, which Lynch set up after the demise of Fence Records, with Tuff Love releasing an EP this weekend close behind the release of Randolph’s Leap debut album Clumsy Knot.

"There are eight acts on the label now, so the main thing for me is trying to keep them all happy and getting them to play as much as possible," he said.

"I’ve definitely made an effort to put the name out there."

The name may be new, but as far as Lynch is concerned it is business as usual with many Fence acts simply moving over to Lost Map.

"I see it basically as a continuation," he said.

"A lot of people felt really attached to Fence — and understandably so. I’m really proud of all that we did, so it feels natural to continue working with the same bands."

While Fence is associated with the East Neuk of Fife, Lost Maps’ base is the Isle of Eigg where Lynch has lived for the last fur years, but running a record company from a small Hebridean island actually brings its advantages.

"Eigg is great," Lynch stated.

"I have more focus on things. There are less distractions. The internet is faster. If anything, living there has given me greater confidence to connect with the outside world and put on shows in different places."

If moving to Eigg has been beneficial to him, then it also seems to have been good for the island with Lynch’s own Howlin’ Fling Festival bringing Alexis Taylor, Luke Abbott, Beth Orton, the whole Lost Map roster and many more to the island in July and taking over from Fence’s Away Game Festival on the island.

"In some of the small towns I’ve lived in, there’s been an element of NIMBYism — they didn’t want things happening in their own back yard," Lynch said.

"In Eigg that’s absolutely not the case. They are really excited about arts events coming over. Everyone has such a tremendous spirit. You barely have to ask them to volunteer. It’s great that we’ve been embraced by the community."

• The Pictish Trail appears on the Barn Stage at Bogbain Farm’s Brew at The Bog Festival at 6.30pm on Saturday.

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