Published: 08/02/2018 16:10 - Updated: 09/02/2018 15:56

Track by Track: Cobalt's Bourbon Nightmares


Cobalt's Bourbon Nightmares EP
Cobalt's Bourbon Nightmares EP.


Ahead of its launch at the Ironworks on Saturday (Feb 10), Cobalt gave Kyle Walker the EXCLUSIVE track-by-track rundown on their debut EP Bourbon Nightmares.


TRACK 1: Lights Out“We really wanted the first track on the EP to grip people. Give them a slap to the mouth that says “listen up”. Everything on this track stands out. Layered vocals, punishing snare hits and thick guitars all meant that we could open the EP with a bang. The track starts with half time drums and the riff with a static radio feel before filling in providing a larger fuller sound.”

TRACK 2: Warrior“Warrior was what we would consider the first “heavy” track we came up with. Besides being disgustingly catchy it’s incredibly fun to play live. We started opening our sets with this track for a while as it’s such a jump start. Hard hitting. Heavy. Wholesome.”

TRACK 3: Martyr “Martyr was probably the first time where we went ‘Okay. That’s our sound. This is Cobalt.’ From the first note in the track it’s such a kick did the teeth. I had been going through a period of time where I was just so sick of saying yes to everyone and doing what they wanted so the lyrics are sort of a reflection of how I just wanted to put a stop to that.”

TRACK 4: Lock Me Up“Lock Me Up didn’t come easy. Writing this song was probably the first time we have hated a jam process. For some reason we just couldn’t click on the sound. We all had different visions and eventually we decided this was the best sound and frankly it became one of our favourite tracks to play live. It’s gritty, it’s loud and it’s full attitude. Definitely for fans of southern rock.”

TRACK 5: Ironside“Typically most of our songs are written when we’re rehearsing with full amps and drum kits but with Ironside it was a little different. Rob and Craig ended up writing the opening riff on acoustic guitars. We originally weren’t going to include this on the EP but after hearing the recording we knew it would be a mainstay for us. It’s also the closest to a ballad you will get from us so far.”

TRACK 6: Bourbon Nightmares“Bourbon started off as a totally different track. We had all these pieces that we would jam and play but it didn’t feel quite right. Eventually we added the bluesy guitar swing rhythm and the song took a whole new shape. It’s a totally feel good track for us. Considering it was one of the first songs we wrote as a full band we are still extremely hyped to be playing this track.”

Cobalt play the Ironworks on Saturday, February 10. Doors open at 7pm, tickets cost £5. For more information, go to

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