Published: 13/02/2016 11:16 - Updated: 12/02/2016 12:06

Ultimate Eagles prepare to soar at Eden Court gig

The Ultimate Eagles features BAFTA winning and Grammy nominated musicians in its line up.
The Ultimate Eagles features BAFTA winning and Grammy nominated musicians in its line up.

UNLIKE other tribute acts, The Ultimate Eagles do not just play the music of rock legends.

They have played alongside quite a few as well.

The half dozen members of the band have worked alongside an impressive list of names, among them Queen, Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Lulu, Paul Young, Bonnie Tyler and Colin Blunstone.

Away from The Ultimate Eagles, they can also be found busy with other projects with the band’s Chris Childs playing bass not only with rock band Thunder but Tyketto, the bad fronted by fellow Ultimate Eagle Danny Vaughn.

"That’s one of the things that we quietly like to point out is what we feel is different about The Ultimate Eagles," Vaughn said.

"It’s not just a bunch of guys who got together and said: ‘Gosh, I love The Eagles’ music!’ It’s a bunch of very seasoned pros. We’ve got a couple of rock stars, we’ve got a BAFTA Award winner. It digs pretty deep into the talent pool. We think it’s one of the things that makes us a bit special."

And Vaughn and Childs have their own experience of life in other tribute bands with which to compare The Ultimates’ approach.

"We had been involved in another Eagles tribute band, which shall be unnamed here, and it got to the point where we thought this could be done better," Vaughn said.

Vaughn’s own musical CV includes playing in Waysted, the band created by Pete Way of UFO, before founding Tyketto, who begin work on their seventh album later this year.

Vaughn readily admits that The Ultimate Eagles is what pays the bills, but it is not just about the money.

"The tribute idea is a good one," he said.

"I have never seen The Eagles live. To be honest, I could never afford it. But with a good tribute band, you can have the full live experience."

However, The Ultimate Eagles are not just playing to long established Eagles fans. Each year new fans discover the music of the quintessential California rock band.

"The Eagles were, without a doubt, the first major crossover band," Vaughn stated.

"They were in the pop charts, they were in the country chart, they were in the rock charts."

If they crossed genre-boundaries, they also crossed national ones, selling in excess of 150 million albums around the globe.

"If they are popular worldwide, you can only imagine what it was like growing up in America," Vaughn laughed.

"They were everywhere! They are one of those acts who represent the country’s musical mix. Their music sounds simple, but if you take it apart like we have to do night after night, you find that they never repeat anything."

Probably the toughest part of the job, Vaughn adds, is picking the set list. With about 10 must-include songs, including Take It Easy, Life In The Fast Lane, Desperado and Hotel California, squeezing in other favourite Eagles’ tracks can be difficult.

Then there are special occasions in the band’s history to be marked. This autumn sees the 40th anniversary of Hotel California, so that album will feature strongly in the setlist for the later part of the year.

A sadder event in the life of the band was the recent loss of founder member Glenn Frey, who died last month at the age of 67.

"We have talked about it and there will be a tip of the hat, but we don’t want to play that up too much," Vaughn acknowledged.

On a happier note, the fact that The Ultimate Eagles’ first ever show at Eden Court coincides with Valentine’s Day might give them an opportunity to indulge their romantic side.

"We might just do that," said Vaughn, who is more than happy to show a little love to Scottish audiences himself.

"It sounds like pandering to the audience, but a Scottish audience always turns it up a notch. They always come out with the idea that they are going to enjoy themselves, and there certainly seem to be a lot of die-hard Eagles fanatics all over Scotland!"

The Ultimate Eagles are at The Empire Theatre, Eden Court, on Sunday February 14 and Aberdeen Music Hall on Thursday February 18.

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