Published: 04/09/2014 10:18 - Updated: 04/09/2014 10:30

Brahan Seer musical premieres in Edinburgh

THE creative team behind a new musical on the life of the Brahan Seer are hoping for a bright future for the show when it opens in Edinburgh on Tuesday 9th September.

Prophecy, which runs at the St Bride’s Centre in Edinburgh until Saturday 13th September, is a full length show dramatising some of the episodes from the life — and death — of the 17th century seer who was claimed to have predicted the Battle of Culloden, the coming of canals and railways to the Highlands, the discovery of oil in the North Sea and many more predictions which are still to pass.

Coinneach Odhar, or Kenneth Mackenzie as he is known in English, was originally from the island of Lewis, but is more closely associated with Easter Ross where he spent much of his life.

According to legend, Coinneach’s predictions displeased the powerful Seaforth family so much that the Countess ordered him to be burned alive in a barrel of boiling tar at Chanonry Point.

Although his legend is well known in the Highlands, Prophecy’s creative team of Iain Mackintosh, Kenneth Sutherland and Ken Turnbull, who jointly wrote the words and music, hope the world premiere of the show in Edinburgh will help spread the word about the man and his predictions.

"The musical is all in English, but will also have strong resonances for the Gaelic world where much of the action is set," Sutherland said.

"His story is perhaps less well known south of the Highland Line and deserves to be told on stage."

However, the show’s creators, who are producing the musical through their own company MST Productions, hope it will soon be seen in the Brahan Seer’s Highland heartland.

"We have no plans beyond the Edinburgh show — it’s a wait and see thing," Turnbull said.

"Hopefully it will be well received and a group or two might be interested in doing it.

"It’s always been in our minds that a run at Eden Court would be very appropriate."

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