Published: 25/03/2014 11:34 - Updated: 25/03/2014 11:44

Looking for love - distracted by sex

James Young and Ama Conachan in Wedny Hoose.
James Young and Ama Conachan in Wedny Hoose.

JOHNNY McKnight’s new play, Wendy Hoose, comes with a warning of strong language and scenes of a sexual nature.

It may not be for the prudish, but writer-director McKnight reckons this production for Birds of Paradise and Random Accomplice is a reflection of the love-lives of the social media generation.

"I’m 30-something now, but the whole dating game is changing so fast, I’m not sure what it is any more," the self-conmfessed romantic at heart admitted.

Writing a rom-com was always one of his ambitions, but McKnight says he never found the right way to approach the topic.

Inspiration came when McKnight started exploring gay dating site Grindr, which again is territory the prudish might be advised to steer clear of.

"In some ways, it’s everybody who’s single probably looking for love, but ending up distracted by sex," he said.

"It’s the easier, quicker, self-gratification option."

In Wendy Hoose, the couple are heterosexual, but Jake (James Young) and Laura (Amy Conachan) are still looking for that instant gratification — only a misunderstanding of Laura’s description of herself means that Jake is in for a surprise and discovers that getting your leg over is not always a simple matter.

The show takes in issues of disability and snobbery, but above all, McKnight sees the show as a comedy about sex.

"There’s that added layer of how brutal people can be because Jake is in no way PC whatsoever, someone who says exactly what they think," he said.

"Laura’s exactly the reverse. She tries to be a good person, but actually she’s more judgemental than he is.

"Also, I’ve never really seen a show about how mortifying sex is when you are doing it with somebody for the first time. Even before you get to the sex. There’s just so much ripe material to go there."

Wendy Hoose, written and co-directed by Johny McKnight, is at the OneTouch Theatre, Eden Court, at 8pm on Wednesday 26th March.

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