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Psychic medium Tony's mission to awaken spirituality

Tony Stockwell returns to Eden Court, Inverness, on Tuesday.
Tony Stockwell returns to Eden Court, Inverness, on Tuesday.



by Margaret Chrystall


WHEN you call psychic Tony Stockwell, the only voices coming through from the other side are his young daughter and son in the background, excited to decorate the cakes they’ve all been baking.

And though Tony’s happy to talk – and explain a job and a calling that for most people would seem bizarre – you later realise that you’ve called him a week early, breaking into a rare day off.

Maybe he saw it coming ...

For psychic medium Tony, well-known for TV shows The Three Mediums, The Psychic Detective and Psychic School, he was eight and playing around gun emplacements with his friends when he remembers realising there was something else going on for him.

Tony said: “When I was even younger, around three, mum would put me to bed and another lady’s face would hover over my cot. She looked quite different to my mum, the quality of this lady’s face was very different to mum’s, almost translucent and she’d come to say good night to me.”

Going along to spiritualist meetings as a teenager, Tony waited to be invited to a development group.

He led his first group when he was just 19 and continued to hone his abilities in that role till he was 33 and Living TV approached him about doing a show. Only then did he give up his day job in accounts.

He describes it as gettng the chance to let your passion become your job – if you collected thimbles, or were good at snooker or football.

He still talks about what he does with the sense of someone who has got to live their dream life.

But since those earliest days of the TV opportunity, Tony’s role has evolved into writing books, recording CDs with guided meditations, touring theatres with demonstrations of mediumship and running his own courses for people interested in tuning into their psychic abilities.

His latest venture, spiritual holidays in places like Egypt and Lake Como will take him to Carcassonne in France next year.

He said: “We are going to Carcassonne because there are lots of people we know who are interested in the history of Mary Magdalene. So we can tie that in quite happily and do some energy work whilst we are there and also see what has gone on in that place before.”

There is more emphasis these days on teaching others to learn to tap into their own intuition.

“It’s evolved that way,” he said.

“I do about a 100 demonstrations a year and and I do a lot of teaching internationally. I have three of my own groups starting, with 20 people in each and I see them for a year. I’m teaching groups in Australia and also in the States.

“It all sounds terribly hectic, but actually when you are doing it, it’s calmer. I meditate usually in the morning and get in my space so when I deal with my kids, I’m full on.

“But it’s not arduous and when I’m working, I’m loving it.”

On his website, Tony shares stories and his own experiences along a spiritual path that few others will follow – even the way communications come to him isn’t fixed and he is happy to explore that.

Tony said: “I think the whole thing evolves. With each passing year, passing case and passing day of working, psychically, it gets a little bit stronger.

“You find another way of retrieving information. That’s what I love about it, it never stays the same. From previous tutors back to 1985, I’d be taught in ways that would now seem incredibly  old-fashioned to me.

“Things move on constantly, so when I teach, I only ever teach people from my own experience from that which I’ve gleaned myself.

“We’ve been doing some crazy things recently, trying to hear more and feel more, spell names out in our conscious mind, to become the communicator, to become the spirit person.”

On his website, Tony reveals that blank surfaces are now often a source of messages.

He laughed: “That happens even more now, on any plain background – on a T-shirt, a carpet or a plate– anything like that, then information just pours forth. It’s the oddest feeling. But some days I can look for that and nothing is there which I just find almost more interesting than if it was always there.

“It’s fickle, you think it’s going to work that way now – and then it just doesn’t. That’s the oddest thing about the whole thing – but, again, terribly interesting because it is a real phenomenon, though I know some people will think it’s all lunacy.”

Would life have been easier if he’d stayed working with accounts?

“Easier, but not so enjoyable or exhilarating – or life-changing.

“I’ve watched my own life changes, but every day you also have the potential to change someone’s perception and that sounds enormous, but it’s exactly how it is.

“It’s not like you’re trying to recruit people which happens in any other religion.

“lt can shift somebody’s awareness, but you don’t have to recruit in the slightest. You may have to accept and walk away and never see that person again in your life, but you know there has been a shift in that person.

“It’s all about trying to get people to wake up. I gave a lecture yesterday when I said I believe that most people in the world are sleepwalking, although they are awake and eating, working and watching Coronation Street. Most people are walking in the world asleep – at least spiritually.”

So doesn’t he get weary of working in an atmosphere – say at a live demonstration – where people are constantly questioning him and his abilities?

“No, I don’t really buy into it at all.

“There are maybe a couple of people there who have a strange agenda or don’t believe it, but most of the people there are there for a good reason, so that filters out or buffers that negativity.

“And I think if you give in to negativity, you would never do it would you?

“It would be like if you were a singer and people didn’t like your voice and kept turning up.

“But even if there were just two of them out of 1000, you would still sing for the 998 who thought it was smashing.

“You just keep going.”

An Evening Of Mediumship With TV Psychic Tony Stockwell is at Eden Court on Tuesday. His website is:

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