Published: 17/05/2017 11:37 - Updated: 17/05/2017 12:48

REVIEW: Out of this World

Written byKyle Walker

Out of this world
Sarah Swire shines in Out of this World.

Mark Murphy’s V-TOL Presents: Out of this World (*****)

Eden Court, Inverness

Describing Out of this World without resorting to the obvious hackery of “how appropriate that name is, ho ho!” is an immeasurably difficult task.

This kinetic, surreal production was Eden Court's first attempt at a “pay what you can” scheme – an effort to encourage new theatregoers who might have previously felt priced out.

And what a spectacle for first time visitors to the Inverness theatre! Mark Murphy’s first theatrical production in a decade is a sumptuous audio-visual treat that effortlessly combines its disparate parts – film projection, music, theatre, aerial work and storytelling – into a dreamlike whole.

These parts together are used to map the headspace and inner thoughts of its main character Ellen – placed in a medically-induced coma following a car accident. Actress Sarah Swire perfectly captures her increasing fear and desperation as a woman trapped within a fractious headspace spiralling out of control.

She also anchors the production's storytelling – the part in which Out of this World truly shines. As overwhelming as the show’s audio and visuals are, its narrative is willing to take its time.

It slowly pieces itself together along with Ellen over the production’s 80 minutes, as fragmented, recursive memories slowly start to separate and clarify themselves, revealing the truth that Ellen is trying so desperately to hide from.

To reveal what that truth is would be a disservice to the production. Mark Murphy, the cast and crew have crafted a narrative worth experiencing, in Mark Murphy’s uniquely explosive style. It’s a technical and theatrical spectacle that offered theatregoers new and old alike a truly out of this world experience.

Oh, bugger.

Out of this World continues tonight at Eden Court. For tickets (on Pay What You Can):

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