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Christmas in New York

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Broadway works its magic at Christmas
Broadway works its magic at Christmas

From the woosh of the skates across the ice rink at the Rockefeller Centre to more Santa Clauses than you will ever see in your life; you just know that New York will be celebrating Christmas like no other town in the world.

And if there's one thing you can guarantee, it's that you'll have a seriously good time because New Yorkers, being the determined folk they are, are inordinately proud of the way their city does Christmas, and you'd better believe it baby.

For example, they don't just have one big ice rink, there's actually 15 of them open during the holiday. As they say, it's a skate of mind…

Then there's the shops in Manhattan. No, not just shops, massive, vast unbelievably decorated Christmas bonanzas with windows you just wouldn't believe. They are a New York classic seasonal treat and well worth pressing your nose against, and that's before you've even stepped inside to visit Santa.

Of course the rest of the city's famous attractions are there to be enjoyed, be it a frosty Central Park, the Empire State Building Observatory, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the wonderful museums, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and of course the bright lights of Times Square - from where you can start your tour of the steet that is as well-known as the city: Broadway.

Quite simply, a trip to New York without a visit to one or more Broadway shows would be like a stroll round the town without the mustard on your hotdog running down your fingers. Unthinkable.

Visitors over the holiday period can grab a last chance to see a few shows that will be finishing in January, such as ‘Big Fish', ‘Annie' and ‘Spider-Man'. But hey, you're in Noo Yoik and you wanna see a show that screams America. Well, ‘A Night With Janis Joplin' should give your ears a bit of a work-over. Lovers of that era of music would also love ‘Beautiful. The Carole King Musical', but they'd need to be staying on a little after Christmas and it doesn't open until 12 January.

In fact post-Christmas visitors can also catch up-coming new shows such as Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella with debuts on 25 January, or the new Disney pantomime ‘Aladdin' which opens on March 20.

Plus of course there are huge numbers of shows to see, both ‘on' and ‘off' Broadway, but it is worth knowing that, rather than queuing in the cold you can book your seats before you leave home, and easily checkout the most popular Broadway shows which have been brought together in The Broadway Collection. For full details of all the shows see:

All of the shows in the Collection can be booked through it's UK partners who are:

Huge numbers of British visitors to New York go and see a Broadway show, no less than around 250,000 of them this year, so make sure you don't have to stand in line, as they say there, and get to the see the show that will make your Christmas trip, on the day you want to see it.

Then don't forget that your Christmas break in New York can reveal fun events many people don't know about, including the Holiday Train Show at the NY Botanical Garden, which will include more trains than ever before! You can view more information about the train show here - Speaking of trains, NYC Transit will also bring out antique subway trains and buses that are no longer in use for a holiday trip back in time for passengers in December!

Just don't try and count all the Santas because, remember, there's really only one….

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