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Landmark Forest Adventure Park

Where else can you twist and turn through the trees on a family-friendly roller-coaster, take the plunge down one of three water coasters and even get the chance to walk through an amazing tropical hot-house with hundreds of stunningly beautiful butterflies and exotic flowers?

Be intrigued at the world's first Bamboozeleum right here in the Cairngorms; you'll enter a magical gallery of illusions and puzzles to test the sharpest of wits. See infinity rooms, thermal imagery and more that will fascinate the youngest to the wisest of minds.

Take an adventure down to the Wonderwood where nothing is as it seems! Here you will find three mind-boggling cabins where the normal rules of physics simply don't apply. Which one will be your favourite – The Spinning Vortex, Topsy Turvy Room or the Growing-Shrinking Room?

For those looking for a real challenge why not take on RopeworX, the first high-ropes course of its kind in the UK. According to scientists you are officially 98% monkey, so now is your chance to put their theory to the test. Harness up and step up to the plate! For those under 1.5m, the Tarzan Trail offers a great alternative and the Wee Monkey Trail is absolutely ideal for those aged 2-5.

Perhaps the mightiest challenge of them all is Skydive. Skydive is a pure adrenalin experience; just harness up, climb the mast to 50 feet and step off. Don't let the nerves get the better of you!

The latest addition to the park is the Butterfly House, which is an amazing tropical hot-house with hundreds of stunningly beautiful butterflies and exotic flowers. Watch close-up as they hatch, fly and feed on nectar and fruit. Make sure to look out for the recently added Asian Quail scuttling through the undergrowth.

Families have been enjoying Landmark Forest Adventure Park for nearly 50 years and with all these great activities on offer, it's a must-do for any family!

If you would like to contact us with any questions or for further information you can call our Free Infoline on 0800 731 3446 or drop us an email.

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