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When it comes to your wedding ceremony – as with everything else for your big day – you have an abundance of choice.

It's the part of the whole day that matters the most; it is not only where you make your lifelong commitments to each other, but a time to make your marriage legally binding too.

In Scotland, we are lucky to have such a wide choice in the type of ceremony you can have, so you can find the type that really suits you, plus you can get married virtually anywhere.

If you have decided that getting married in a church or having a registrar perform your ceremony isn't for you, what other option do you have?

"Another option for couples to consider is a humanist ceremony", says Morag Webster of Fuze Ceremonies. "Humanist ceremonies have increased in popularity since they became legally recognised in 2005. Humanists aim to draw positive moral values from life that are based on human experience, rather than God-given."

Morag continues: "Humanist ceremonies are highly personal and individual, and allow a couple to express their love and commitment by telling their story in front of their loved ones, in their own words rather than those of a church or state. So really, apart from the legal vows which are required in all marriages, you are bound only by your imagination and the time.

"The ceremony can include symbolic gestures like a hand fasting, lighting of a unity candle or even a Mexican hug. You can involve anyone you wish in your ceremony; parents, siblings or friends – and poetry, song lyrics or movie monologues are a great way of doing this.

"By adding personal vows, you can express your commitment and promises to your partner, and because these aren't legally binding, it's a great way to add your personality and speak straight from the heart."

Fuze Ceremonies have a team of Humanist celebrants, also known as Marriage Officers, all over Scotland. They always try to match you with the celebrant that lives closest to you or the venue, whichever makes the most sense.

Have a look at their website for lots of information on their team and ideas on how they can ensure you have the perfect ceremony.

Freephone: 0800 014 8237

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