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Prostate Scotland

Prostate disease and cancer are unfortunately more prevalent than many people may realise.

Nearly one in two men in Scotland is likely to get prostate disease at some stage in their lives, and one in ten may develop prostate cancer – the most common cancer in men in Scotland.

Prostate Scotland was set up to provide men and their families with information and support about prostate cancer and disease, as we know how important getting information can be and how vital information and support following a diagnosis can be.

Prostate Scotland is Scotland's prostate disease charity (charity no: SC037494). We were set up by a group of people with personal knowledge and experience of prostate disease, and by some of the leading medical experts on prostate disease and cancer in Scotland. Our activities include:

• Providing a range of information for men and their families and partners
• Holding events and developing awareness materials about prostate cancer and disease
• Promoting research and treatment developments on prostate issues across Scotland

If you or someone you know requires information about prostate cancer and disease then log on to our website or contact us at the address below for one of our handy information booklets.

Our work is reliant on the generosity of our donors and supporters – through their support over the past few years we have developed:

• The first comprehensive website in Scotland providing information for men and their families about the range of prostate diseases, including prostate cancer
• An award-winning range of information about prostate disease and its treatments, including helpful guides about prostate cancer and disease and their treatments
• An awareness and a workplace initiative across Scotland
• A successful appeal to help bring about and support robot assisted prostate cancer surgery in the east and west of Scotland

We appreciate donations to help us in this work. With prostate cancer set to increase over the next ten years there is much more to be done in informing, supporting and advancing care on prostate cancer and disease in Scotland.

For more information contact us at info@prostatescotland.org.uk, by phone on 0300 666 2036, or by post at Prostate Scotland, 14 Torphichen Place, Edinburgh, EH3 8DU.

Click here for information about prostate cancer and disease: www.prostatescotland.org.uk
Click here to donate: www.prostatescotland.org.uk/donate
Click here to volunteer: www.prostatescotland.org.uk/support-prostate-scotland/volunteering
Prostate Scotland on Facebook: www.facebook.com/prostatescotlandfundraisersandsupporters

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