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Samaritans Vision is that fewer people die by suicide

We work to achieve this Vision by making it our Mission to alleviate emotional distress and reduce the incidence of suicide feelings and suicidal behaviour.

We do this by:

• Being available 24 hours a day to provide emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of emotional distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide

• Reaching out to high risk groups and communities to reduce the risk of suicide

• Working in partnership with other organisations, agencies and experts to achieve our Vision

• Influencing public policy and raising awareness of the challenges of reducing suicide

We are committed to the following Values:

• Listening; because exploring feelings alleviates distress and helps people to reach a better understanding of their situation and the options open to them

• Confidentiality; because if people feel safe, they are more likely to be open about their feelings

• People making their own decisions wherever possible; because we believe that people have the right to find their own solution and telling people what to do takes responsibility away from them

• Being non-judgemental; because we want people to be able to talk to us without fear of prejudice or rejection

• Human contact; because giving people time, undivided attention and empathy meets a fundamental emotional need and reduces distress and despair

There's no typical person who calls Samaritans' helpline. There's no typical problem that people talk to us about.

People talk to us about job stresses, being out of work, money troubles, family struggles, relationship issues, trying to measure up, feeling alone, feeling worthless, feeling sad or angry all the time, getting into trouble, being abused, feeling suicidal, needing to drink to get through the day...

It doesn't matter what kind of problem they have or how big or small it may seem compared to the problems other people have. What matters to us is how their life is making them feel.

Sometimes people get to a point where they feel they can't cope, where it all feels too much to handle. It's worse if they feel they can't talk to anyone about what's weighing on their mind.

That's where we come in. People can talk to us about anything that's troubling them. If something is hurting or upsetting them, they can talk to us about it.

On any given day, any one of us might need to talk about what's causing us pain in our lives.

If you wish to consider a volunteer's role with us, email the branch at inverness@samaritans.org.

For emotional support, people can contact us in various ways:

Free number – 116 123

Local number – 01463 713456 (local rates apply)


SMS – 07725 90 90 90 (standard text rates apply)

Face to face – 67a Tomnahurich Street, Inverness IV3 5DT

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