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Katy recalled 'Recording in Canada felt like being in a snow globe'

By Margaret Chrystall

Katy Hurt has become a presence on the UK Country/Americana scene, before releasing a full-length studio album. Last year Katy supported Liam Gallagher, also supported Jools Holland and received a nomination for best country/folk act" at the Unsigned Music Awards. Now Katy is on a massive UK tour which brings her to Inverness this week. Below, Katy answers Margaret Chrystall's questions about what has been happening, her future hopes – and some of the memorable moments in her recent career ...

Q It sounds pretty exciting to be recording in Canada with Juno Award-winning producer Murray Pulver – what are your most vivid memories of that experience? And where do you think it took you in terms of the music that came out of there with you?

Working with Murray was a dream. Recording and watching it snow outside made us feel like we were inside a snow globe. I have also always loved polar bears, so we made the time to go and see them at the Assiniboine Park Zoo which was probably one of my favourite moments of the trip. In terms of the music, I think the fact that we were away from home and able to focus 100% on just digging in to the songs and seeing where they took us was invaluable. Murray was really great at bringing in new ideas for the music and had all these awesome tips and tricks for how to get the best sound in the studio.

Katy Hurt. Picture: Dillon Osborne
Katy Hurt. Picture: Dillon Osborne

Q I suppose everyone would want me to ask you what was it like to support Liam Gallagher?

It was incredible! Being on a stage that iconic and getting to play to a crowd that size for the first time was absolutely crazy. I will never forget the feeling of having that many people jumping up and down and singing along. During our last song the sun was setting and the crowd started lifting their phones in the air and it was stunning.

Katy's latest single Natchez:

Q How important was it for you on your way to getting your music out there to find your own sound – and work out for yourself how YOU wanted to sound and the songs YOU wanted to be associated with?

I think this is something that all artists work on throughout their career, I'm always experimenting, listening to new music, writing about new things and trying to figure out what works for me. As long as the song feels honest and true to me I think you can dress it up any way you wish and people will relate so that's something I have tried to keep in mind.

Q What are some of the stand-out gigs (for both good and bad reasons) along the way in your career – funny, brilliant, weird, ones you would rather forget, ones you will remember forever!?

That's a list that could go on and on. My band and I have done nearly 150 shows this year and some of them have been downright weird, but those are the ones we love the most looking back because its always a new and crazy experience. We've done shows on boats, in peoples living rooms, in castles, in fields and even churches!

I think the stand out good gig would have to be Pilton, just because of the sheer scale and spectacle of it all. Walking out on stage in front of 8,000 people and by the end of the set having them sing my own words back to me is a moment I will cherish forever.

Watch Katy's single Revved Up:

Q What are your plans for after your end of year dates which will be taking you all over the UK, North, South, Scotland. And what are your hopes for next year – live, recording, releases, other adventures?

Myself and my co-writer Gab Zsapka have been writing away over the past two years and hoarding songs so I think when we are done with shows this year we are going to get to work my debut album. I'll probably be heading back to Canada and then who knows... a lot more shows probably!

Q Any fantasy music collabs you know you would love if offered!

I would absolutely love to do a song with John Mayer. I think he's brilliant and every release is slightly different. He seems to be able to cross the boundaries of genre while remaining true to himself and always works with other really talented musicians so I think it would be fun to see what we could make.

Katy will play at Hootanannys, Inverness, tonight (Friday, October 11). More on Katy: www.katyhurt.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/KatyHurtMusic/ Instragram: www.instagram.com/katy_hurt/ Twitter: @KT_Hurt13

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